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During training but especially during competitions, trail accessories can make a difference. It is therefore important to equip yourself well and above all to remember nothing to succeed in a race. Gourdes, caps, watches, find all the running accessories to boost your performance.  Learn more


The design of the trail equipment has been designed to best adapt to the practice. All trail accessories have been designed to give you complete freedom of movement and save you time in your race. Lightweight and functional, they will allow you to take with you what you need, during your training, which will meet all your sporting needs. Precision Ski has selected many accessories for you so that you can equip yourself to the best for the practice of the Trail.


All our accessories have been chosen from the leading trail specialists such as CAMELBAK, RAIDLIGHT or DYNAFIT. Find our trail backpacks as well as our water pockets and insulated bottles that will allow you to hydrate while continuing your run. 

To protect yourself from the sun and keep your head cool, take a look at our trail headbands and visors. Light and breathable, the visors remove moisture and dry quickly. Essential for running trail running, it folds easily in the backpack and will be a great ally for your runs. A true travel companion, the trail watch calculates the distance traveled, the heart rate and can also do training tests to track your progress. So, this watch will follow you in all your outdoor adventures to exceed your limits! In order to distribute the transmission of forces and make the upper body work, trail poles are a real extension of the body. Reducing muscle load, they contribute to the flexibility of the runner and accompany each movement. Finally, discover all our soles to optimize your running comfort and cushion every step. Light and invisible, they slip easily into your shoes to reduce fatigue avoiding blisters.