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For the practice of trail running, it is essential to bring a men's trail jacket . Because the weather changes quickly in the mountains, the men's trail jacket protects you from the elements while evacuating moisture and bringing you maximum comfort during your race.  Learn more


Trail clothing is developed and optimized for your training and competitions in the mountains as well as in the countryside. They are specially designed with breathable and flexible materials to give you all the comfort and freedom of movement you need. 

We've selected the best trail clothing for you. Tank tops, short-sleeved or long-sleeved t-shirts, such as waterproof jackets, are both breathable and lightweight to give you maximum comfort. At the bottom, you will have the choice between shorts, privateers and leggings normal or 3/4, all extremely pleasant to wear.

Men's trail jackets 'fit all morphologies. They effectively drain sweat to keep you always dry and not catch cold. Each garment is flexible, light and often offers good elasticity, to give you total freedom of movement.


The SCOTT men's running jacket is aimed at the most demanding sportsmen and women. Waterproof and breathable, it is the perfect ally for your high-altitude races. In all conditions, set out to conquer the steepest trails and beat all the times. The THE NORTH FACE trail jacket is a very useful windbreaker for rapid changes in weather conditions. With a water-pinning finish, it keeps you dry and cool during the sporty effort. The DYNAFIT ALPINE men's jacket is for all running enthusiasts. This windbreaker has different mesh mesh to optimize air circulation without any discomfort in your movements. Finally, the RAIDLIGHT men's trail jacket has been designed for training and mountain competitions. With multiple reinforcements in strategic locations, it's easy to carry in all your altitude adventures.