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Hit the trails, the most rugged and the most uneven terrain but with a equipment appropriate. Find all the clothing trail man, and the accessories needed for the practice of trail and ultra-trail. Trail shoes, backpack, t-shirt and many other equipment for your next outing in full nature. Learn more

Equipment trail running

To scale with confidence on all types of terrain, it is essential to opt for a piece of equipment durable and high quality. For the trail like the ultra-trail, for professionals as for beginners, a specific hardware is strongly recommended. Cross the obstacles, travel through miles, follow the terrain and improve your performance at each step. Today, the brands design today products more and more performing to offer you maximum comfort in your practice. For successful a race, it is important to take the time to choose his equipment trail. In addition to having to be adapted to your specifications, this equipment must also be suitable for the race in which you are going to hire you. Whether you're looking for clothes trail or accessories trail, Precision Ski has everything you need.

Trail running : Clothing and Accessories

The trail shoes are the most important elements for the proper practice of this sport. In recent years, models have evolved to better meet the needs of the practitioners. Lightweight, comfortable and ensures a good grip, we have selected for all lovers of trail running, the best models from the latest collections of the biggest brands !

You can find our pants trail man or even our t-shirts man trail specifically designed with breathable material and optimized for the practice of this sport outdoor. The choice of a fabric suitable for the practice of the trail, you will stay dry throughout your runs and workouts. Our different backpacks and hydration systems will follow you in all your outings.

If you hesitate between several models, Precision Ski will help you through its various guides trail, to choose the equipment that suits you the best.