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For all fans of outdoor activities, check out all the facilities of the brand URIKAN. Designed by experts, lovers of nature, URIKAN accompanies each adventurer in his quest for wilderness experience. Front, waterproof bag, you can find all the camping accessories and hiking URIKAN and get the equipment functional and reliable in any circumstance. Learn more

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Created especially for the lovers of sports Outdoor research materials safe and suitable to their needs, URIKAN offers you a wide range of equipment consists of waterproof dry bags, headlamps, binoculars as well as a special range of backpack.

The ergonomics and power of the head lamps allow for greater comfort, with some models a rechargeable battery. They are available in two lines additional to cover most lighting situations, the output in bivouac until to sports activities demanding, by way of the professional uses.


The URIKAN waterproof bag NAUTIK is ideal for your aquatic activities. Ultra-resistant, it protects your belongings thanks to its pocket waterproof and its seams welded. Real bulwark against moisture, it wins easily in all your trips outdoor. The backpack URIKAN TREK and its timeless style will delight all adventurers and lovers of nature. His canvas waterproof home to your business and protects them from the weather and sudden while his strap chest keeps the bag securely in place even when you move. Its dwr finish is ideal for venturing out in the high mountains. Finally, the URIKAN front lamp is a camping accessory very handy when one is sleeping under the stars or go for a run in the middle of the night. With 4 lighting modes, it is submersible and resistant to shock and corrosion. Very robust, it will soon be essential.