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Created by an enthusiast of the outdoor, the brand GOAL ZERO meets the needs of international travelers thanks to products using solar energy. The solar home systems , stand-alone GOAL ZERO accompany you to the other side of the world while reducing your ecological footprint. Learn more


Provide smart solutions power, it is the will of the entrepreneur Robert Workman, founder of the brand GOAL ZERO. Reduce our ecological footprint, it is, above all, take advantage of the renewable energy that surrounds us. Each product GOAL ZERO uses solar energy for you to power and charge your equipment. Whether you're in the city or in nature, GOAL ZERO batteries guide you in all your activities, thanks to their features and their light weight. Inspired by nature and the energy that surrounds us, Robert Workman wants to encourage people to respect the planet through innovative products.


The external battery GOAL ZERO VENTURE will soon indispensable during your escapades in nature. Fully waterproof, it pushes the limits of technology, offering performance all the time. Rechargeable by usb port or by solar energy, it allows you to capture memorable moments wherever you are. True companion, it adapts to all your devices to fully enjoy the present moment.

The mini lantern by GOAL ZERO LIGHT HOUSE offers a light very pleasant for your evening by the fireside. Thanks to its two feet, it remains stable and tells you its battery level by its LED. This mini lantern can also recharge your items through its integrated solar panel.

The battery-GOAL ZERO FLIP has been designed for all adventurers who do not want to be bothered. Indispensable for your electronic devices, this external battery will follow you in all your adventures. Never be in lack of energy ! Resistant to the most extreme temperatures, it gives you the energy you need.

Goal Zero has been created by entrepreneur Robert Workman, who understood the renewable energy needs with the sun, through its humanitarian missions. Its products work with solar panels that capture the sun's energy which is then stored in the battery to be used later. The batteries, panels and accessories work perfectly together so that you can load all your equipment from the sun without the cable or charger additional.

Surveying technology patented by Goal Zero allows you to chain several products Goal Zero between them so that you can go to the end of your work or activities. You can as well reduce by two the charging time of your battery or use your equipment for twice as long, or even consider lighting a camp full. Precision Ski has selected for you the best of Goal Zero : Goal Zero nomad