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Wherever you are, always keep at hand the tools of survival to cope with unforeseen situations. The tools LEATHERMAN has been created to accompany you out in nature and allow you to chop, slice, open or repair your equipment. For all the adventurers on an expedition, don't leave without your multifunctional tools LEATHERMAN. Learn more


When the American Tim Leatherman has created the brand LEATHERMAN in 1983, his aim was to manufacture locally products that were destined to facilitate the lives of individuals. 30 years later and after having designed more than 70 million tools, the brand has remained true to its values and continues to manufacture its products in Portland, Oregon. Since its inception, LEATHERMAN equips its users with tools that prepare them for the predictable as the unexpected. The brand LEATHERMAN produces tools multi-functional, and it is you who give them life !

Precision Ski has selected for you the best products that will bring you all the functionality you need in your adventures in the mountain where in your everyday life. No matter what you're working on, your tool will always be the functionality that you need. Find the latest tools Leathermann : knives, Leatherman, pliers and multitools. Order it on a Precision Ski that is to benefit from our commitments on delivery, return of product and secure payment.


The pliers LEATHERMAN CHARGE will be the multi-tool preferred to workout in nature. Thanks to its 19 functions, it will allow you to face unforeseen situations and to be totally autonomous, even in the wild. Nose pliers, knife, can opener, saw, practical tools for your day trips to the other side of the world. The bracelet LEATHERMAN TREAD will allow you to have all the right tools at hand. This toolbox stainless steel is very robust and will accompany you in the most perilous situations. Key, screwdriver, ice-breakers check out all the features of this bracelet. Finally, the knife LEATHERMAN is indispensable for all fans of getaway in nature. Very resistant, it unfolds easily to quickly adapt to situations. Thanks to its serrated edge, cut what you want to level in an emergency situation.