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Anchored for nearly 70 years in the Alps thousanders, COLLTEX does not cease to transmit its know-how while respecting the spirit pioneer that it prevails in this charming valley in the heart of switzerland. Real reference in the field of seal skins and accessories for the ski-touring, with the products COLLTEX you'll be sure to have quality equipment and very efficient. Learn more


COLLTEX vehicle an image as a pioneer and traditional in all its communication and its products, it manufactures all products exclusively in Switzerland. Its purpose is to provide a skin seal of quality and accessories for hiking, efficient, and useful. The superfluous of no interest to him and all lovers of ski touring will tell you exactly the same thing and know that it is a reference brand in the field. In all of their products, you can feel the fascination for the mountain, the sport and the vision of still more distant of the product. Their technical expertise is constantly being updated to be able to offer you products of an increasingly technical and efficient.


Their range extends from the skin of seals to the accessories, hiking by way of maintenance products and seal skins COLLTEX. A good skin seal has to allow you to arrive at your port safely and this the more comfortable it is. To do this, COLLTEX exchange regularly with professionals of the mountain, high mountain Guides, freeriders, as well as external experts. And their judgements, their opinions, their knowledge and their experiences are taken into account for the development of products COLLTEX. The brand works in close collaboration with three main partners, all three research institutes.


To be able to take full advantage of all of your outings this winter, it is important tohave quality equipment and maintaining the equipment with adequate products. This is why COLLTEX does not cease to innovate in order to provide you with accessories ski touring of quality and performance. There is nothing more annoying than a seal skin that it does not slip, which does more or even stick to your sole. This is why we let you discover our selection of glue and spray impregnation, and waxes for seal skins. So that you can take care of your skin and prolong their life. Of seal-skin well looked after, it is the assurance of a good glide and good grip during all your outings for a maximum of pleasure !


The practice of ski touring is growing more and more and becomes more and more accessible to all fans of endurance sports. It is a sport where you can make you happy as well on the ascent and the descent and while in the midst of nature. It is inevitably the sport most suitable for browse and discover the mountains in winter. The skins of the seals to stick to the mounted under the skis and removed once arrived at the top to be able to take full advantage of the descent.

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