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Finished the galley of the bonding with the skins of seals revolutionary in GECKO . Manufactured in the heart of Austria, the skin of seal to a silicone base adheres to the skis is wet or dry, thanks to the action of molecular forces. Choose skins for ski mountaineering GECKO practices and innovative. Learn more


Developed by the company MP Sports, the skins of seals GECKO have truly revolutionized the world of ski touring. Their Austrian designer Michael Puelacher has created a skin seal without glue, silicone-based. It is a real solution to the problems of sizing and which thus facilitates the peautage and the dépeautage. The seal skin silicone adheres perfectly to the skis they are dry or wet, and this thanks to the action of a force molecular. And this even in conditions say extreme in terms of heat (+250°) and cold (-70°). The skins are GECKO are equipped with a adhesive surface of the extreme longevity which will allow you to use long-term. GECKO is the only one to offer the sale of the seal skins without glue, very easy to use and revolutionizes the world of ski touring. The skins of ski-hiking do not stick together on a film protector as the skins glued together, which facilitates the handling. Great novelty, the skins of seals without glue are washable and can be cleaned in the washing machine. With GECKO you had finished with the problems of delamination of skins or encollement, you can very easily put on, remove and restore your skins of seals several times per day without having to get out your tube of glue.



The skins of seals GECKO are sold in several forms. At the metre, that is to say that you buy the length you want or the size of your skis. You have the opportunity to buy your skins of seals in the form of a Kit of skins to cut yourself depending on the length of your skis with all the accessories in your Kit or you buy all of your equipment separate, i.e. the system of clamps, rivets, brackets. You can cut out your skins, using a knife designed specifically for this purpose. When you buy a pair of seal skins, also consider to complete your equipment accessories hiking such as a pair of spikes, "knives" in the event of hiking on hard snow, for example. The width of the skins of seals depends on the width of your skis for hiking. The skins of seals must not be equal to the width of your ski but slightly less, you should see your edge side sole once the seal skin resting on the sole. Have the edges exposed will allow you to have a excellent grip on hard snow and can be crossed of corridors or slopes on your ski's edges. Always more secure that if your seal skin covers your edges.

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