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Among the ski touring accessories , you will of course find seal skins, essential for practice. On Precision Ski, we have selected for you a range of products that will make your outings easier. Learn more


To allow you to go far and safe, in all your walks in the mountains, we offer you the essential ski touring accessories. You will be able to choose between several sizes and different colors of cleat knives, which will attach with the utmost ease to your equipment and ensure a strengthened grip in areas of icy snow.

We also offer straps for fixing skis without ski brakes. This accessory will give you greater walking comfort: you can then progress naturally, without having to worry about your shoe coming off your ski. Check out all the ski touring accessories on our Precision Ski page, which will complement your equipment!


MARKER touring leash safety ties are essential if you don't have stop skis. Easy to install, they guarantee you'll find your skis in the powder if you ever fall! The Stop Ski DYNAFIT BRAKE are both functional and robust. Responding perfectly to the needs of skiers, they easily replace leash and effectively maintain your ski boots. The COLLTEX ECO SKINPROFF waterproofing spray is designed for your seal skins. Eco-friendly, it increases the durability of your skins by making them more efficient and avoiding any risk of hoof formation. Finally, ROSSIGNOL gaiters effectively protect you from snow and keep you dry during your ascent. Ideal for mountaineering or snowshoeing, they stay in place and protect you with their waterproof treatment.