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Ski touring shoes  are an integral part of the equipment to take full advantage of the discipline. On the ascent as well as on the descent, they ensure comfort, support and precision. Find the biggest brands specializing in sliding sports and take on the snow-capped peaks! Learn more

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Alternating ups and downs, the ski touring shoes is a very important element in your practice, which must adapt to all terrain. Equipped with a "walking" position, the hiking ski boot should be able to allow freedom of movement to your ankle, for comfort in your climbs. Your equipment must also be able to switch to ski mode, in order to provide you with good support during your descents. For more versatility, choose a shoe that can accommodate cleats, which will make climbing easier. Mountain sports require strength, precision and good equipment: we offer ski touring shoes suitable for beginners and the most intrepid, to accompany you to the finish line. Our models play with a dynamic color palette, which will enhance your sportsmanship and give you energy.


PANTERRA DALBELLO ski touring shoes combine comfort and precision throughout your ski trip. Designed for experienced skiers looking for performance, they significantly optimize power transmission. Now effectively the foot, they are light and very comfortable to take you to the snowy peaks. BACKLAND ATOMIC ski touring shoes are aimed at discerning skiers looking for functionality and range of motion. Precise and secure, they ensure a smooth and intuitive glide. COCHISE TECNICA ski shoes combine the brand's best technology. Ensuring a good transmission of power as well as excellent support, they accompany you in your thirst for performance. Thermo-formable, you can improve your walking comfort and fully enjoy a freerando outing.