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Conquer the snow-capped peaks with good ski touring equipment . Ski boots, bindings, seal skins, find on our site all the essential equipment to live unique sensations of skiing, both uphill and downhill.  Learn more


Ski touring, which is practiced off the beaten track, allows you to combine the pleasure of skiing with the discovery of nature. With the rise of ecological issues, women's ski touring and men's ski touring is developing significantly. That's why Precision Ski has selected the best of the ski touring equipment, to make it easier for you to buy ski touring to satisfy the appetite of the most committed among you.

In order to be able to pass everywhere, this practice requires a very special material. Lighter than alpine skis, hiking skis make it easy to be comfortable on all surfaces. As for hiking shoes and bindings, they are equipped with the latest innovations to bring you a great lightness uphill. You will also need seal skins to be attached under your skis, which you will easily remove to enjoy your descents.

To complete your ski hiking package, Precision Ski offers a wide selection of products, chosen from the biggest brands in the sector. Blizzard, Dynafit or Zag, OEMs today offer equipment composed of the latest technologies, to facilitate the climbs while comfort ingeging and provide you with optimal downhill pleasure. Finished the queue at the lifts and marked trails, widen your playground by switching to ski touring and enjoy unique sensations!


Find a wide selection of ski touring to climb the peaks and take full advantage of snowy slopes still untouched. NAVIS BLACK CROWS touring skis perform as well on the climb as they do on the downhill. They provide excellent stability and good flotation for unique glide sensations. ST RADICAL DYNAFIT ski touring bindings are for all beginners who want good equipment. Light and robust, they will accompany you to the top without ever failing. Combining comfort and precision, SCARPA ski touring shoes offer good travel and a natural foot unfolding. Highly efficient during intense exertion, they protect from the cold and optimize the transmission of power. Finally, discover on our website all the ski touring accessories for your next off-piste outings. Knives, seal skins, find the essentials for a successful day of skiing!