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One hundred years of existence in the fart and the maintenance of the textile. TOKO is a swiss company traditional founded in 1916, which is a real reference on the market in a perpetual quest for quality, performance and innovation. What better way that  to maintain its ski equipment with accessories of high quality for excellent gliding all season ? Bet on the waterproofing of your clothing techniques to be increase and be dry all winter ! Learn more


TOKO offers a range of suitable products and quality for each discipline, both at the level of preparation of your material of the textile care. Whether it be the ski of track, cross-country skiing and even snowboarding, a large number of professionals use these products which are usually tested on the circuit of the World Cup because a lot of professionals in the ski use of these products.

Pure have a good glide this winter, nothing better than a good preparation for post-winter and a daily maintenance with the ski equipment maintenance to taunt my friends on the slopes !

The technical garments lose over time their technical properties this is a fact. It is for this reason that the brand name TOKO has designed a range of maintenance products for the textile, footwear and equipment. Make your choice from our wide choice of cleaners, textiles, spray, freshness, care of shoes, and waterproofing textiles and shoes to stay dry all season ! See our selection on our website Precision Ski.


The vices, TOKO SKI RACE is a true hardware professional. Designed to be fixed to a table or bench, these vices are blocking the skiing thanks to their jaw for precision work. Sharpen, wax or repair your ski gear wherever you are. The TOKO wax T8 has a temperature adjustment to adjust your heater power. Easy to take in hand, its structure in diamond is ideal to effectively apply the wax on the entire length of the sole. The candles of repair TOKO REPAIR allow you to fill easily the holes on your soles. To use, simply heat and leave to melt on your skis, then scrape. For a waxing express, use the wax liquid TOKO SPRAY UNIVERSAL. Thanks to its applicator, no risk to put a drop next to it. It allows you to enjoy a good glide on all types of snow and in any conditions. Finally, the textile cleaner TOKO ECO DETERGENTS will take care of your technical clothing. It allows to keep the properties in waterproof and breathable fabrics of your clothing while protecting the natural fibers. Biodegradable, the detergent ecological, respects your clothes and increases their durability.