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The technical underwear CRAFT are designed to meet the demands of athletes and to athletes. This Swedish brand is specialized since more than thirty years in the design of technical clothing at the best price. CRAFT is a manufacturer of several federations such as the FFSG and the FFS, and team a large number of top-level athletes. Learn more


The Swedish brand is specialized in the design of technical clothing dedicated to sports and athletes. She designs underwear sports fibre thermo at the forefront of innovation and at the best price. For example, she has designed a garment says " 3 layers of breathable fabric that help optimize the body temperature during the effort. In fact, during a session of a sport that is very intense, the body produces a very large amount of sweat. In the case where you don't wear breathable clothing, sweat will remain in place and will close your pores, causing an increase in your body temperature. Whereas if you wear clothing that says "breathable" your skin will remain dry and you will be able to continue your effort in having a body temperature that is ideal for the practice of the sport.

CRAFT has therefore used its products into three layers to create an ideal microclimate for the practice of sport and the optimization of your performance. All layers to the same size and will have the effect of extending the breathing of your skin. The first layer is a base layer which helps keep away the perspiration of the body carrying them to the outside of the garment technology CRAFT are " Stay cool ", "Be Active" and " Keep Warm ". Besides, it is recommended to always wear an under-garment CRAFT under another layer of clothing. Then comes the second layer, which will insulate and warm the body while transporting moisture and excess heat to the next layer. The second layer allows to keep the heat that emanates from your body. Finally, the third layer is a wicking underwear manis the one who will protect you from outside attacks protecting you from the rain, wind and cold but leaving through the excess of heat and moisture from the layers earlier. This is why it is important not to overlook any of these layers to have adequate equipment and ultra-high-performance for your sport.


In fact, the brand CRAFT has become over the year a major player in the technical garment of sport and team now a large number of athletes and sportsmen of high level. Start with the French ski federation, but also the fédération française des sports de glisse. Sports equipment the entire time, they work in collaboration with the athletes display to constantly innovate and develop products of quality and performance that meet the most complex requirements. The women are not left out, and also their range of underwear breathable of sub-technical garment for woman.

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