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Passionate about outdoor, the French brand ELEMENTERRE team the likes of nature and the great outdoors for over 20 years. Specializing in the outdoor equipment , the brand ELEMENTERRE created products strong and durable to overcome all natural obstacles. Tailored to the needs of each, the products ELEMENTERRE accompany you in all your adventures outdoor. Learn more


To sleep in the middle of nature, it is impossible to go on an adventure without a tent ELEMENTERRE. It is a compact, transports easily and lets you quickly install your camp. Fully waterproof, you are assured of a good night's sleep to recover ! To prepare a hot meal even in the middle of the forest, equip the kitchen ELEMENTERRE aluminum. Very robust, it is both practical and lightweight to fit easily in your backpack. Designed for two people, it includes a pot, a lid and two sets of cutlery. And thanks to the stove ELEMENTERRE, boil in a blink of an eye the water to enjoy a good cup of coffee. Made of stainless steel, it has three brackets serrated stable to cook on the land of the most volatile. As to the clip-multifunction ELEMENTERRE, it will soon be indispensable during your excursions. Offering 9 tools at hand, you can cut, carve, grind, or open in any circumstance. Specialist in adventure, find all the accessories, camping ELEMENTERRE on our site.


The water bottle foldable ELEMENTERRE PURE WATER flattens, folds and rolls in your pocket. Thanks to its cliffs that are flexible, it is ideal for your daily outings. Without PE and BPA-free, reusable and respects your health. As for the gourd ELEMENTERRE PEAR, it will be as appreciated on a long hike at altitude for your workout weekly. The insulated bottle ELEMENTERRE will allow you to enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea wherever you are. Thanks to its double-wall thermal insulation and stainless steel, it is extremely robust and will keep warm your favorite drinks.


The boots woman ELEMENTERRE ELRINGTON provide you grip on the snow as on ice. Elegant and feminine, they will maintain your feet good and warm to deal effectively with the winter conditions the tough. To discover the nature to the little ones, equip them with the hiking shoes child ELEMENTERRE CORVET. Their grippy outsole will allow them to cross all natural obstacles without difficulty. In addition, they are both breathable and highly resistant to increase durability. Nothing can stop them !