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FACTION is a Swiss brand, founded in 2006 in the Alps by a group of friends and ski enthusiasts. Pushing the limits of technology and innovation, Faction is committed to creating unforgettable experiences, and seeks to share the passion of gliding through its products. Check out the freeride skis , freestyle and touring skis FACTION and get started in an unknown land ! Learn more


The brand has created the "Faction collective" to bring together the Riders are emblematic of the brand, while the majority of the legends of the Freestyle ski & Freeride. They include Candide Thovex, Adam Delorm, Antti Ollila, Arnaud Rougier... By investing a maximum of the Riders of the team in the development of Ski equipment and by constantly improving the technology on these products, Faction creates skis that are perfectly suited to the needs of freeskieurs current.


The ski FACTION PRODIGY 0.5 are skis junior designed for future wonders of the freestyle. These all-mountain skis are very versatile and allow for a rider on any type of snow and to take advantage of the huge in sending his finest tricks. Thanks to its double rocker, they offer maneuverability, flotation and support sfr curve for sensations that are unique. Techniques and reagents, they cater to young skiers engaged and already have all of the champions !

The ski FACTION CANDIDE 4.0 has been developed in collaboration with the famous freerider Candide Thovex. During large falls of snow, go in the powder and do you offer descents exceptional in the fresh snow. Very handy, these freeride skis allow you to ride in the middle of the forest with confidence !

Finally, the skis FACTION movement source are incredibly powerful. Push your limits and go to the assault of the off-track thanks to skis with double reinforcement of titanium offering a good grip in any circumstance. In addition, they can be mounted in freerando to enjoy a ski touring to enlarge your playing field.