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The products of the brand CAMELBAK have changed the mode of hydration during outdoor activities. Leaving the practitioners free of their movements, CAMELBAK has allowed athletes to hydrate hands free while continuing their activity. Today, whether cycling, during a trial or a foot race, while the world has adopted the solution of the water pocket . Learn more

CAMELBAK : the revolution of the hydration outdoor

The thirst and the hydration is one of the primary needs of Man. Where we syons, regardless of the activity that we practice, the water to combat dehydration and boosts our performance.

Established in 1989, the water pocket was designed by a bicyclist Michael Edison, then a contender for the " Hotter'N Hell 100 ", a race of nearly 160 miles across Texas. Because of the strong heat that reigns there, it is important for athletes to find what moisturize to finish the race. Michael Edison, an emergency room physician, uses a pocket intravenously with a hose and then put it in a sock and stitched in the back of his jersey. Once the hose past the top of his shoulder, he was able to hydrate hands-free throughout the race, continuing to pedal and had just invented the first water pocket.

Jeff Wemme was the first commercial for the brand CAMELBAK. Impressed by the invention, this cycling competition, was hired in 1993 by the brand to sell the products on the races and in the shops of bicycle of the country. Aboard his motorcycle, he walked miles to promote the water bag CAMELBAK. Although Michael Edison was the subject of many jibes at the time, it turns out that today no trailer or cyclist goes out without her bag CAMELBAK !

World's leading manufacturer of equipment for the hydration brand CAMELBAK offers solutions to all sports and outdoor activities so that practitioners can stay free in their movements, and hydrate hands-free.


CAMELBAK solutions : water tank

Literally meaning " camel ", CAMELBAK refers to the bump of energy to the animal, which allows a very long battery life in the most extreme conditions. CamelBak has now become a generic term to refer to the bags of hydration.

The brand has created a range of water bottles CAMELBAK for small and large, easy-to-use. For the little adventurers, the water bottle EDDY KIDS is ideal for his fast hand. Anti-spill, its beak opens easily and has a valve closing speed. Slipping easily into their backpacks, the children can in turn go on an adventure !

The gourd PODIUM is an insulated bottle to keep cool all of your drinks favourite thanks to its double wall. Its valve patented is a guarantee against reversals to not spoil any drop of water. Ergonomically designed, it easily takes in hand and will follow you in all your sporting activities.

The water pocket CAMELBAK CRUX is very easy to refill thanks to its wide opening. As well as anti-bacterial, it slips easily into your bag to allow you to hydrate with ease, no hands ! Lightweight and ultra-thin, rediscover the pleasure of staying hydrated full effort.

Check out also the full range of backpacks CAMELBAK that can accommodate the pockets and water bottle to the range. Lightweight and convenient for your outings outdoor, the bag OCTANE will be your best ally for the trail, the mountain BIKE or foot race.