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Surfing on the wave of the fashion pop of the 90s, the brand POIVRE BLANC was able to take advantage of that by offering today's lines neat and elegant. Jackets, ski pants, fleeces, each model combines the comfort and sophistication to accompany you in all your sporting adventures. Learn more


Avid fan of sports and in particular windsurfing the creator of the brand POIVRE BLANC is passionate above all. Dany Sebright founded the brand in 1984, in the beautiful city of Marseilles. Lovers of the sea and the mountain, he created around him a dynamic team and who shares as him the passion of the slides.

Their first creations are t-shirts and sweats very colorful, original and off-beat. Surfing the trends of the 90's, the brand is inspired by the atmosphere, “teenage pop”, denim look, loose-fitted clothing and printed fun.

The collections are experiencing a huge success and the brand WHITE PEPPER decides to expand its distribution network internationally. The models brighten up the wardrobe, the prints are humorous and adopted by the largest number.

At the beginning of the years 90, POIVRE BLANC decides to tackle a new market other than the lifestyle : the market of winter sports. The creator will designed technical clothing for skiing and after-ski for a sporty look chic for woman and child. With multiple features, the jackets and ski pants combine technical excellence and design. No detail is left to chance, each model is a success and you can see quickly the required WHITE PEPPER on the ski slopes.

Concern for the environment and its consumers, the brand POIVRE BLANC has joined since 2010 the movement Bluesign and adheres to the standards Oeko-Tex® . She is committed to using responsible materials and resources in the manufacturing of its collections. The trademark sustainable part of the transparency of its products and the respect of the environment. Also, WHITE PEPPER is sensitive to the charities and participates in donations of clothing.


This winter, opt for the sleek on the slopes. The POIVRE BLANC ski jacket have been designed to highlight your silhouette in all the circumstances. Adorned with a beautiful fur around the hood, they ensure comfort and warmth all day long. Waterproof and breathable, they guarantee a freedom of movement with maximum while maintaining your body warm.

The ski pants POIVRE BLANC you will gain in performance. Their stretch fabric to the inside and the outside will be perfect to carve out of beautiful curves without any feeling of discomfort. Totally waterproof, they discharge effectively the moisture for maximum breathability.

The polar WHITE PEPPER are refined and elegant. Made from a fabric naturally elastic, they are very comfortable to wear and will follow each of your movements. Their finishing, anti-pilling increase their strength and durability. Skiing or daily, embrace the sporty look chic.

Today, the brand POIVRE BLANC has approximately 700 points of sale across the world. Wishing to prosper and circulate the values of the brand, POIVRE BLANC strengthens its reputation by sponsoring since 2009 the Team Swiss National skicross competitions.