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Designed and manufactured in France, the headbands and hats LEDRAPO illustrate the values of the world of alpine skiing. Tricôtés are handmade, they will keep warm throughout your day, bringing a chic style or sportswear to your outfit. Learn more


Ledrapo is a young French brand, a native of the Alps, which was founded in 2009. The history of Ledrapo is for the least original, since the idea of creating headbands came from the sister of Jean-Baptiste Grange, who had the habit of him hand knitting headbands for its international competitions of Alpine skiing. Before and after the race, it is important to keep the head warm while waiting for his teammates.

Since its inception, the brand has developed many models of hats and headbands, but decided to keep a certain ethic by continuing to make its products in France. Knitted handmade, they are both colorful and very comfortable to spend the winter well warm. Made in the Haute Loire, bonnets and headbands LEDRAPO (" Drapô " is the word patois which means a flag), they soon seduced the riders who wear them proudly after each race and on the podium of course !



Adapting to all morphologies, the banner at the benefit of keeping your hair in place while you warming up effectively the ears. Can be worn under a helmet, the headband is easy to put to keep you warm before and after the races ! After you have replaced the famous ear of the years 80, the headband adapted to all styles because it is easier to wear than a hat.

The BANNER KINGDOM THE DRAPO is ideal to wear on the slopes or after skiing. Covering the ears, it brings a touch of refinement and chic to your outfit throughout the season for a winter style at the top ! And if you want to display your proud support for a skier, opt for the women headband models in the France, Switzerland or Savoy !



In the period of great cold when the temperatures drop, there's nothing like wearing a beanie to warm up because the skull can cool down quickly. To tumble down the slopes or as an accessory after-ski, the cap offers an incredible moment of softness and comfort without compromise on style.

Fleece-lined, with a large pom-pom or with a touch of fur, the hat has never been as much appreciated in winter. With a style that is chic or sportswear, the beanie is a cozy little nest that will meet each of the expectations of consumers.

The bonnet LEDRAPO be as well for men as for women. Plain or patterned, the French brand offers you endless possibilities to find the perfect style for you

Precision ski has selected for you the best products Ledrapo so that you can go skiing with the style of the greatest champions. Make your choice among numerous models of men beanies and women's beanies Ledrapo. Choose the model that suits you as well as the color that will go best with your ski ensemble. Order your headband Ledrapo on Precision Ski to take advantage of our best rates.