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In the course of the last century, the brand BLIZZARD has equipped some of the greatest champions of skiing. Specializes in winter sports equipment, the brand continues to innovate in order to propose the skis performance on all terrains. Reactivity, handling and commitment are the master-words of the brand. Learn more



Founded in Austria in 1953 by Toni Arnsteiner, BLIZZARD was the first brand to manufacture skis in the polyethylene. Driven by a passion for skiing, the creator of the brand was able to enter the ski market among the pioneers of the time. He has subsequently contributed to the success of many Athletes in the 80s thanks to the technologies present on the skis Blizzard.

Today, BLIZZARD designs of the skis that is innovative and develops its own technology within its Engineering department. The skis BLIZZARD have a unique construction of Carbon-based, operated in different ways to optimize the reaction of the ski to each practice.

Find on many models of the brand Blizzard. Make your choice based on your practice, your level and find the ski that suits you. Enjoy discounts throughout the year on the pairs of skis Blizzard.


The pack junior ski BLIZZARD RUSTLER TWIN is both entertaining and handy. Performance on any type of snow, it will allow young skiers aspiring to gain confidence and to gain in speed and performance. Very resistant to shocks, these skis junior will accompany them in all raids and schedules !

The skis man BLIZZARD BONAFIDE will be allies frightening in powder as on the track. These all-mountain skis with double rocker, you will ensure the flotation and stability in fresh snow as well as an incredible speed on the track. Facilitating the entry into curve, they impress by their versatility and their transmission power.

The skis BLIZZARD BRAHMA cater to skiers engaged who wish to gain in performance on all terrains. Reliable on hard snow and stable in the powder, they offer intuitive operation and safe, in order to gain agility.

Finally, the pack woman ski BLIZZARD ALIGHT is a pure piste ski for women skiers confirmed. Handy, they offer a good grip thanks to its double rocker. In addition, they are equipped with the technology IQ Demo Platform that absorb vibration and provide good stability.