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Revolutionizing the practice of skiing, the brand LOOK has upset the market by creating in 1956 the first ski binding . Participating in the emergence of winter sports, LOOK accompanies professionals to the discipline to take them to victory. Ski piste, ski freeride, or cross-country skiing, each practice requires a ski binding to meet the requirements. Check out the full range of ski bindings LOOK. Learn more


Established in 1951 in Nevers, France, the brand LOOK, passionate about the mountains and skiing and invented the first ski binding in 1956.

In the aftermath of the Second World War, France has been experiencing a socio-economic environment in full mutation. The industrialization of mountain valleys leads to an increase of employment and contributes to run the economic activity of mountain life. The country modernized and enriched and triggered many innovations in the tourism sector to promote consumer spending in leisure sports. It is in this context that the brand LOOK are revolutionising skiing, and contributes to the explosion of the phenomenon of tourism in improving the practice.

LOOK is continuing its research and innovations and will experience success in the world in footwear such legends Jean-Claude Killy, Jean Vuarnet or Guy Perillat in the 1968 Olympics. The ski bindings LOOK have revolutionized the discipline as a whole, both for individuals as for the professionals.

In the 80s, the LOOK continues on its own momentum and creates a line of clothing that is elegant and bold to accompany the consumer of winter sports, and allow them to ski with new materials.

The brand LOOK is also recognized in the world for the creation of the first clipless pedal in the sector of cycling. Very high profile, thanks to the victory of Bernard Hinault during the Tour de France of 1985, LOOK to forge a reputation in the sports and leisure activities.

To meet the requirements of multiple disciplines, the brand LOOK is today one of the French companies, the most innovative on the market.


In perpetual research and innovation, the brand LOOK and now offers ski bindings freeride, the ski bindings and alpine for the competition.

Sam Favret, Henrik Harlaut, or even Joffrey Pollet-Villard trust ski bindings all mountain LOOK for the rider on all types of snow. To meet the requirements of the discipline, they combine technology, performance and safety for the skier to gain comfort and movement. The ski bindings freeride PIVOT absorb shocks and help you to exceed your limits on the track as off-track. Anticipating the triggers unexpected talonnières LOOK preserve your joints, giving you a maximum security.

Pavement by great athletes such as Henrik Kristoffersen, the ski bindings racing LOOK created in collaboration with these offer precision and technicality to attack the slopes, and allow athletes to cross the finish line with confidence in their equipment.

The democratisation of ski touring has allowed the different brands to innovate in this sector with special brackets providing elasticity increased. The touring bindings LOOK are similar to ski bindings alpine with an elasticity and a lightness to accompany you up to the peaks.

Regardless of your discipline, the French company LOOK no longer has to prove its expertise and accompanies you on all types of snow this winter.