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Founded in 1946, the brand SWIX was created by a passionate ski. Fart , machine, hone, lime, products SWIX allow you to maintenance your skis as a professional, wherever you are. Today, the brand Norwegian is recognized in the ski industry for its innovation and perseverance in order to propose tools that are ever more technological and efficient. Learn more


SWIX is a brand Norwegian which was founded 1946, it is the first company to have commercialized the Wax modern. The brand has developed its products with a scientific approach to optimize their performance and efficiency. Since now more than 60 years, SWIX is one of the most recognised brands in the ski industry and is one of the only brand Norwegian to be distributed all over the world.

We have selected all the products needed so that you can make yourself the maintenance of your skis. Many types of waxes to ski are available for you to boost your on-track performance as a function of snow conditions. Discover also our range of accessories to fine-tune your waxing : steel Scraper to scrape off effectively on your skis once waxed, Nylon Brush, guide sharpening, Lime, steel... choose from many maintenance products SWIX that you will find the best prices on Precision Ski !


The SWIX sharpening machine is a material professional for the maintenance of your skis. Easy to take in hand, this device ensures a precise work worthy of a rendering of the World Cup. Thanks to its adjustment system, you can easily vary the sharpening angle and ensure you a quality grip on any type of snow. The table of ski wax SWIX will allow you to work at your height. Ergonomically designed, it can accommodate both skis, a snowboard or skis nordic. With a wooden tray, it is very sturdy and folds easily. Stable, it provides you with a work of precision. The case SWIX contains all the tools and equipment necessary to have during your winter movements. Maintain your own edge with all the equipment ski. The wax SWIX LF7X applies to an outdoor temperature between -2°C and -8°C. For working as a professional, take a look at our guide to waxing skis. Resistant to impurities, it will allow your skis to get a good grip on the snow and live good sensations in cold weather. Finally, the vices SWIX PRO QUICK, you can prepare your snowboard wherever you are. At the start of a race or in your garage, they settle quickly on a table and provide you with excellent stability to work.