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Specialized in equipment and protection for skiing racing , the Swedish brand POC team for more than 10 years on the elite circuit of alpine helmets skiing ski suits. With colored products, and moose sober design, the brand POC protects the skiers and the sportsmen of other disciplines to fully enjoy the sport. Learn more


Founded in Sweden in 2005, the brand POC is committed since more than ten years to equip skiers and protect them in case of bad falls. The ski helmet to the combination passing by the guards for slalom, the young Swedish brand has become a reference in the market of racing.

Developed and designed in collaboration with specialists from the discipline, scientists and brain experts from sports medicine, all products POC have been developed to protect skiers and minimize the damage and other consequences related to a fall at skiing and other sports gear.

After the victory of Julia Mancuso in giant slalom at the Turin Olympic Games in 2006 (who was wearing a helmet POC), the Swedish brand expanding its product range and created helmets for the freeski, snowboarding and various disciplines within the mountain bike.


Specially designed for ski racing, the POC ski racing suit has been adopted by the elite of the circuit in the alps. Providing you with technology and comfort, they perfectly fit your body shape with extra coverage on the arms and the legs, reducing the impact of the picket. Gain speed, performance and precision with a combination made of artificial fiber. The SKIN GS POC ski racing suit is a real second skin. Very pleasant to wear, it is made of soft artificial fiber to perfectly fit your morphology. Designed for giant skiing, it has multiple reinforcements on the arms and legs to protect you when passing through doors. 


Creating shells that are light and ventilated, POC strives to protect the skiers with helmets ski adjusted precisely to their head. With the technology In-mold with EPS liner, the helmets ski POC are shock-resistant by being permanently connected with the inner foam. Reinforced at the level of the critical areas around the vents, they are lighter and more resistant to shocks and offers a high level of protection.

The FORNIX POC helmet perfectly combines lightness and protection. Its modern and sleek look houses an ABS shell and multiple reinforcements to maximize the skier's protection during competitions. Thanks to its vents, this POC helmet optimizes air circulation to keep your head cool and dry throughout the day. 

POC has developed a range of helmets for alpine ski racing, to protect the skaters, adding a chin strap, removable and adjustable, which effectively protects pegs. The brand POC has also created a range of protections ski shin guard and forearm to carry you to victory by being totally protected.


Hit the slopes in style with a peripheral vision and ski masks, POC colorful. Their anti-fog and anti-scratch, offers you the best vision to anticipate every terrain on the track and pass the finish line before your opponents !

For the next runs, remember to equip you and protect you from possible falls.