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Evoc is born within a group of friends with a passion for Mountains, whose ambition was to create backpacks are functional and optimized for the practice of sport in the mountains . At the base, these backpacks were made for personal use and then given the quality of the latter, the demand has grown strongly and the brand EVOC has begun to market them. Learn more



It is in an avalanche accident, in 1999, that the freerider pro Holger Feist realizes the importance of safety equipment and above all the advantage of giving a backbone. Passionate about outdoor and excursions to the other side of the world, Holger Feist embarks on making a backpack with backbone for an expedition to the mountain bike in Bolivia. Wishing to associate with the quality, durability and functionality, the brand EVOC was founded in 2008 and offers a range of equipment for travel : a backpack with a dorsal fin, travel bag for bike...

<>The bikepacking and the bag with dorsal have revolutionized the practice of mountain BIKING but also of snowboarding. Thanks to these bags techniques, many followers of the two disciplines were able to travel through the world in search of the most beautiful descents in magnificent scenery.


The backpack EVOC FR DAY has been designed as much for skiing as for the mountain bike. Compact and very lightweight, it is equipped with a back protector Liteshield that absorbs shock to 95%. Thanks to the large compartment, you can take easy all your safety equipment in case of avalanche : shovel, probe... Its multiple straps and fastenings to enable you to carry your skis, helmet and even your shoes to pass ledges or narrow corridors. Compatible with a hydration bag, the bags EVOC will be your best allies during your outdoor sports activities. Bags backpack Evoc have therefore been designed to bring you a perfect comfort during your sessions in the powder or your most beautiful trails in the mountains. Manufactured with components that are sophisticated, backpacks Evoc are part of the most innovative products on the market! Make your choice on Precision Ski to take advantage of the products Evoc at the best price!