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For more than 40 years, the brand THERM-IC protects you from the winter cold thanks to innovative solutions and heaters. Finished the frozen feet ! This winter, check out the heated socks , dryers shoes and other insulating products to take full advantage of your winter activities while staying warm in your ski boots. Learn more


Created in the 70s, the brand THERM-IC is specialized in the manufacturing of heating products for the winter sports. The cold remains a barrier to enjoy a beautiful day of skiing in the sun. To solve this problem, the creators of the brand THERM-IC decide to revolutionize the market of winter sports by offering a wide range of technical equipment for the winter. In 1998, the first heated insoles see the light of day thanks to innovations and technological advances. Easy to insert into the ski boots, they are resistant to moisture and cold. Working in partnership with major brands, THERM-IC has made a name and is addressed to both amateur and professionals thanks to its innovative products and its accessories for ski boots.


The warm socks THERM-IC POWERSOCK put an end to cold feet. Designed for sports in winter, they are very comfortable to wear in ski boots. Optimizing the cardiovascular and capturing the body heat, it will keep your feet warm all day long. Made of wool merinos, these socks heated fight naturally the cold and bad odour for increased comfort. With multiple reinforcements on the sensitive areas and strategic, they reduce the risk of discomfort and offer an anatomical design very appreciated. Combining quality materials, innovative technology and comfort, they are ultra resistant and will revolutionize your ski days. The drying ski boots THERM-IC DRYER is an essential accessory to ski multiple days at a time without worrying about the comfort of the feet. Compact and quiet, this shoe dryer easily fits in the ski boots and dry quickly inside to retrieve the wake-up footwear is all hot and ready to use. Finally, the ski socks, THERM-IC SKI INSULATION with multiple reinforcements on the toes, ankles, shins... Well, they cushion the blows and reduce the risk of pressure and friction for an incredible comfort throughout your session of skiing.