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Created at the dawn of the 2000s, the French brand URGE is specialized in the manufacturing of bicycle helmets. Enduro, BMX, downhill, URGE team the drivers of each discipline with mountain bike helmet are robust, comfortable and design. Founded by sports enthusiast, field, URGE sharing his expertise through quality products. Learn more


Created by five athletes including a former world champion of downhill mountain BIKING, the French brand is URGING team drivers around the world since 2008. Boosted by the passion of mountain BIKING and the desire to evolve this discipline, the creators engage in the manufacturing of cycling helmets, for the leisures as for the competition. Enduro, Downhill, cross-country, URGE offers a broad range of MTB protections to evolve the discipline, and effectively protect the drivers. Surrounding himself with the greatest champions mountain BIKE, each helmet is created in collaboration with passionate people and professionals who know the field. Conveying strong values, the brand URGE is the expression of a state of mind. Each helmet combines quality materials, a revolutionary technology, as well as the respect of the environment. In fact, a percentage of the turnover of the brand is donated to an association for the preservation of the planet. In addition, URGE team drivers with helmets eco-responsible for a little closer to their playing field and develop an environmental awareness valuable.


The URGE MTB helmet BOMBAIR will delight the enthusiasts of downhill mountain BIKING. This full face helmet mountain BIKE offers vibrant colors and lines are treated for a comfort to any test. Developed for downhill, this helmet is very robust and will follow each of your movements to allow you to anticipate every terrain on the track and overcome all obstacles. Its hull is made of fiberglass and linen to ensure you a absorption and dispersion of shock during an impact. Inside, the comfort is increased thanks to a dual density foam and the wide ventilation channels promote air circulation and moisture evacuation. Intuitive, this helmet URGE meets perfectly the requirements of each discipline of Mountain Bike. Lightweight, comfortable and highly durable, it is the essential equipment of pilots who want the protection, performance and style on the track !