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In the winter, the snow, the cold, the flakes that swirl... it must be confessed, there is nothing more pleasant than taking advantage of the joys of winter with his feet warm in boots ! The canadian brand SOREL has created a range of boots for men and  women boots to face the winter with style. Learn more


Founded in 1962, the canadian brand SOREL makes us love the winter and the cold thanks to its design of sturdy shoes to brave all weather conditions without compromise on style.

The images that come to mind when you think of Canada are those forests to be generous where the colors intermingle and these great open spaces that line the Great North. The SOREL brand is born in this beauty huge, between the barrier of the Rocky mountains and the endless horizon on the frozen lakes. For decades, SOREL's attempt to provide comfort and warmth in creating the perfect balance between protection and design. Working multiple, high-quality materials such as leather, wool, shoes SOREL illustrate the know-how of a company born with the feet in the snow, and who faces extreme climatic conditions.

The bear sits proudly as the logo of the brand, and this is not trivial. A true symbol of Canada it is recognized for its robustness in the face of extreme conditions and long, cold winters. It is clear that Sorel has continued to innovate for decades to create the shoes as durable as the paws of a bear.



To walk in the foot of the slopes, for winter hiking in the forest or for an expedition in the Great North, we are looking for all of the snow boots is able to withstand the harshest winters while complementing elegantly our outfit.

Launched in 1962, the boots Caribou have quickly seduced and have forged a reputation thanks to their resistance to the harshest of climatic conditions, but also by their warmth and comfort. Since then, the designs have multiplied to meet the increase in demand and today, everyone agrees on the fact that Sorel boots are their best ally in winter ! That can withstand up to -40 degrees, the SOREL boots are true shields against the flakes, keeping them from going inside, and without sticking to the sole.

And for toddlers, The Sorel brand has created boots YOOT PAC for supporting them in their first steps in the snow and make them discover the joys of winter. Play for hours in the snow has never been so fun !


Sorel footwear : the elegance of winter

Whether you're in a dress, jacket, pants or ski in leggings, the shoes Sorel perfectly complements your outfit in any circumstance. Get away from the asphalt, sidewalks and traffic, immerse yourself in the world covered in snow and jump in with both feet in the snow without the wet feet. High boots, footwear on a low heel or lace-up, let yourself be seduced by the warmth and incomparable comfort. Lined and waterproof, the days cold will no longer be your enemies, and you will be able to face the cold with elegance and panache. Combining know-how and aesthetics, Sorel will make you love winter !


The winter can last all year round, we are ready ! Check out the full range of SOREL men's shoes and women's shoes Sorel on our site Precision Ski.