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Because the mountain is still a hostile terrain and dangerous, think about your safety when you go on freeride. The trademark ABS has been created in the years 80 and accompanying for all the skiers and adventurers in the fresh snow. Specializing in safety equipment, it continues to innovate to provide products that are reliable, lightweight and robust. Check out the backpacks to ABS for your next excursion on the snow courses. Learn more


The stories of the most amazing are often the ones who bring the innovations of the more interesting and useful. Here's the one that brought the idea of creating bags, ABS. The idea of the backpack airbag ABS comes to an astonishing discovery made in 1970 by a forest ranger. He was caught in an avalanche while he was wearing his game on the back, and the latter allowed him to maintain surface, thanks to the increase in the volume of his body. From there is born the principle of the backpack ABS. The patent was filed in 1980 by Peter Aschauer, after the latter had been itself caught in an avalanche.

For more than 30 years, the brand ABS innovates to maximize the safety of skiers that evolve into off-track. For this, the brand develops a backpack equipped with an air bag capablent to swell in just a few seconds to ensure the surface of a skier in case of an avalanche.

Over the years, ABS has been able to optimize her bags so that they are well suited to the practice of freeride skiing or hiking off-trail, and to the triggering of the Airbag is simple, fast and reliable. Recognized for their comfort and ergonomics, you will have the choice between different volumes of bags and ABS in order to better adapt to the needs of your portage, without hindering your movement ability.


The pack airbag ABS 'S LIGHT is a complete equipment for skiing freeride. Comprising a Base Unit, a bag and a cartridge, this backpack airbag will be an ally of size in the powder. This backpack airbag is lightweight and very robust, it fires quickly and easily for foolproof security.

The on bag ABS VARIO zips easily on a Base Unit. With numerous pockets, you can carry it easily all of your safety equipment. Shovel, probe, helmet, everything has been thought to take only the essentials.

The activation handle is ABS is essential during outings in freeride. This is what we have to shoot in a pouring snow. Single-use, it is compatible with all bags, ABS. Essential to your sessions ride, it is easy to use and can save you life.