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Specialized in the manufacture of socks for sports, the brand name X-SOCKS takes care of your feet in all circumstances. Check out the ski socks and the trail socks of the brand and supercharge your performance with each step. Bringing a muscle-supporting fit, the socks X-SOCKS are revolutionizing the sports practices. Learn more


A subsidiary of the group X-technology, X-SOCKS was Founded by engineer and visionary German Teacher. Bodo Lambertz. X-SOCKS develops its products in collaboration with the know-how of major engineering experts in the textile and some of the best sportsmen of high level. The ski socks X-SOCKS are designed to provide you with a perfect fit to the inside of the shoe ski.

Precision Ski has selected for you many models of socks X-Socks. Socks X-socks are doteés of innovative technologies and allow you to stay dry keeping you warm throughout your day of skiing. You can find our many models of ski socks X-SOCKS and take advantage of the promo throughout the year by placing your order on Precision Ski.


The junior ski socks X-SOCKS is a concentrate of innovative technologies. With multiple reinforcements on the sensitive areas, reduce irritation, shock, and the risk of injury. In addition, they offer good breathability to stay warm and dry throughout the day. The X-SOCKS men ski socks PATRIOT, FRANCE will allow you to ski in the colours of the country. This limited edition meets the requirements of the discipline in optimizing the blood circulation and the transmission of heat. As well, your feet are insulated from the cold while boasting an aeration system and a regulatory body. Finally, the socks trail X-SOCKS RUN ENERGIZER and their high shank and airy will be your best allied for your upcoming races. Improving the blood circulation, evacuate the moisture and avoid the risks of friction. Reinforced on 13 points, your feet are effectively protected against the cold but also against possible shocks.