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Specialist in sports socks , brand THYO been developing for more than forty years of innovative and functional products. Of French manufacture, and more particularly from picardy, the socks Thyo are created to develop your performance to the maximum. As you practice running, trekking, hiking, trail running or skiing you will always find sock to your foot. Learn more

Thyo: socks with athletic excellence.

The brand strives to develop the technical products to meet the needs of each client. With a look standing on the production line, it continues to push the boundaries of innovation. The keywords of socks Thyo are : breathability, maintenance, ergonomics and comfort. Each athlete will find the pair you need ! Each product is created in partnership with the ANPS, a group of podiatrists specialists in sports practice. This expertise has thus enabled the brand THYO to give birth to its flagship products such as the Double anti-light bulb, the Trail Aero, or even the Pody Air. The "double", for example, as its name indicates, consists of two layers to reduce friction direct with the foot. The model Pody Air, meanwhile, will focus on breathability and moisture-wicking during your sessions of running, for example.

Strong of its expertise, the socks Thyo are part of the group Kindy to the sides of the marks Achile, Daniel Hechter or even Le Coq Sportif. The group has three poles different, one dedicated to the socks, a shoe and a well-being which brings together a total of eight marks.

At every moment of the day, its pair of socks Thyo.

The correct choice of socks is critical to your sport equipment, but also for your outfits everyday so that they are too often left out of the account. For the practice of skiing or snowboarding it is important tohave warm feet. Contrary to what one might think it is preferable to focus on a pair of socks, fine and high to a superposition unnecessary layers. For the girls frosty, please do not hesitate to adopt ski socks woman made of wool ! Some socks Thyo are also thoughts to satisfy you after your excursions on the slopes, soft and warm they will be the key element of your moments cocoonings.

In the summer it is also important to choose the right socks. During your sessions of running, for example, adopt socks quick-drying for you to always have the foot dry and thus, you can focus on your performance. For this, you can choose amid a wide selection of mens socks. During extreme heat, or if you enjoy outdoor activities in altitude the bloodstream may be disrupted. This is why it is important to ensure that your muscle recovery. The socks Thyo once more will satisfy you with its special range compression.

You will understand, for you feel good in your sneakers, you must not only do the sport, it is necessary to wear socks Thyo ! You can find a wide selection of models of lighthouses, socks for man, socks for women ... there's something for all the family on our website