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Whether you are skiing or in the polar expedition, the comfort and the warmth of the feet is essential in order not to be hampered in its day. MAKALU, the brand 100% French specialized in the  ski socks and mountaineering, puts all of its know-how in the design of technical socks for children and adults. Learn more


On may 15, 1955, two senders, French fly to China to conquer the fifth highest mountain in the world, Makalu. Peak 8 485 metres of altitude, between the Tibet, China and Nepal, the summit of the Himalayas has four faces and is one of the highest techniques of the Himalayas. Protected by UNESCO since 25004 as a biosphere reserve, it is today the name of the brand specializing in technical socks.

Brand 100% French, MAKALU pays tribute to its shippers on a French through its brand name. For nearly 60 years, the trademark Makalu is created of warm socks, and techniques for facing the winter conditions and polar expeditions. She was the first to create bouclette wool providing warmth and comfort. Insulated socks Makalu are also good at skiing than in the city. Of the most timid to the most demanding, Makalu strong of its know-how and passion of the outputs outdoor mountain continues to innovate and propose socks always more technical.



Whether you're skiing, hiking or even in the city, winter can be cold and you may experience discomfort in your feet. Wear good socks suitable is essential to face the winter weather conditions.

Why the choice of a sock for skiing is very important in the winter ? It is important to keep his feet warm and dry for does not have their toes frozen at the end of the day. The evacuation of the humidity and the heat input will result in a better circulation of the blood and reduce the risk of frostbite. Essential for the comfort of the skier, the ski socks should be as close to the foot while being reinforced on strategic areas (tibia, malleolus,...).

To help you in your winter riding, check out the MAKALU ski socks and women' ski socks innovative to the names of the major summits mountain (Mont-Blanc, the Grandes Jorasses, The Ecrins, the Kilimanjaro...).

Socks ski MONT DORE of the trademark Makalu have been designed to take advantage of the descents on the slopes, providing a maximum of comfort. Shock-absorbing and reinforced at the heel and the ball of the foot, they are well suited to the world of gliding. Protecting the Achilles tendon, the malleoli, the tibial and the calf, the ventilated mesh on the top of the foot gives you a whole new feeling of comfort.

Socks MONT BLANC Merino wool is resistant to the friction and irritation thanks to the multiple zones of protection. The technology thermolite® effectively protects from the cold and wicking away humidity and perspiration. The thermal comfort is the most suitable for the protection of your feet.

The children are not left out ! Makalu has created a range of ski socks, funny and techniques to assist them in their first descents on skis. The socks MONSTERS GENTILES are perfectly insulating to fight against the cold winter. Merino wool, their lining will bring them warmth and comfort throughout their day.


Discover all the know-how and expertise of Makalu, specializing in the design of socks of skiing and mountaineering.