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Is not remade more the reputation of the brand of gloves HESTRA . Offering gloves and mittens leather ski real extreme sturdiness, the Swedish brand has continued to innovate to develop technologies more robust and resistant to make sure you protection is at your fingertips. The ski gloves HESTRA are cut out for adventure and the cold with an environmental impact. Learn more



A market Leader of ski glove, HESTRA has managed to gain a foothold in the middle by the technical sophistication of its products and winter outdoor. The maximum quality of its products will satisfy you for several years. Since 1936 HESTRA is developing several thousands of gloves, always in adequacy with the needs of each of its targets. As a mountaineer will have different needs of a family, a wife or a do-it-yourselfer. HESTRA makes gloves for everyone, from the farmer to fighter pilots, in passing by the ski instructor. The Swedish brand is present in activities where the hands are put to the test. For this, it must continually develop and innovate in order to find the best balance between different stakeholders such as resistance to cold and moisture, flexibility and durability. It is for this reason that it works in close collaboration with professionals and athletes, in order to harvest the valuable opinions and advice of "people of land". And then you have ski gloves man , meet the expectations of most demanding customers.


With the ski gloves HESTRA finishes-inch holes in them after a season of skiing. Consisting of a cowhide aniline that is one of the most resistant on the market, you will not have to change from mittens to ski every winter. The brand HESTRA has expanded its range of alpine by providing mittens and gloves for the ski of freeride, of gloves ski racing and muffle ski track. They have the particularity to be flexible and elastic to guarantee you a great flexibility during your practice. Composition very hot, the ski gloves HESTRA will keep your hands warm during the winter months, which will delight the fair sex. Thanks to HESTRA they will be able to find a pair of ski gloves for women warm in order to be perfectly equipped this winter and no longer suffer from the cold. So if you are looking for quality products and a unique know-how, opt for a good pair of gloves HESTRA for this winter to have leather gloves that last and of good quality. All gloves and mittens ski HESTRA leather come with a balm of a shoe especially adapted to the leather of the glove. It will allow you to maintain and clean your pair of gloves to increase its longevity. This balm waxing also helps revive the glow of your pair of leather mittens colourful as the seasons sees its color lighten.

To do this, come and discover our selection of products HESTRA on our site to find the pair of gloves that will look like or the one that will best respond to your expectations for this winter. Don't forget the equipment of the children and find a good pair of kids ski gloves on our web site.