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Specializing in the care of the foot, the French brand SIDAS  combines passion and performance to offer you the best comfort possible. For the practice of skiing and other sporting activities, adopt the innovative solutions SIDAS; insoles, shoe soles , protections... The sportsmanship of AIDS has led the company to equip the greatest athletes in the world to become today a reference in the comfort of the foot. Learn more


SIDAS is a French brand that was founded in 1975 by 3 monitors French whose purpose was to develop solutions to improve the comfort of skiers thanks to soles innovative. Over time, the brand has naturally evolved and today offers products that apply to many practices : Running, Hiking, Skiing, Golf, Cycling... Despite this development, the brand SIDAS has remained faithful to its values : innovation, performance, passion and commitment.

Specialising in foot comfort, the sidas brand has been taking a more ecological approach since 2009. Thanks to the implementation of concrete actions to reduce its ecological footprint, the brand offers, for example, more ecological packaging, the use of recycled paper and eco-responsible models. 

We have selected for you many products from the brand SIDAS so that you can optimize your comfort during your various sports practices. The product SIDAS are suitable for every foot and for all the sports : they allow you to boost your performance! Whatever your sport, the comfort of your feet comes first. Wearing an insole is essential to absorb shocks with every step and to relieve your feet from impacts. Thanks to the use of innovative materials, sidas takes care of you and helps you to exceed your goals. For example, gel cushioning which offers dynamic cushioning or 3D moulded insoles to support the foot. 

See our selection buckles of ski boots custom Insoles Custom Fit, Shoe Dryer to accompany you in all your sports activities and bring you all the comfort you need to boost your performance. Take advantage of the best prices on Precision Ski, as well as Specials throughout the year on the accessories of skiing !


The dry-running shoes SIDAS DRYWARMER will be very much appreciated after a long day of skiing. Eliminating bad smells, bacteria and moisture-wicking, this accessory SIDAS quickly dries your ski boots. With a USB port, it connects everywhere, and keep your feet dry throughout the winter season. The SIDAS soldes CUSHIONING have been designed to cushion each of your steps during sporting activities. With anatomical cushioning, they provide stability, support and control the foot while protecting it from potential impacts. In addition, the micro-perforations promote air circulation for feet sec. The protections SIDAS and kits of protections, apply to all athletes wishing to reduce the appearance of blisters and relieve the pain. Their bio-mechanical construction perfectly adapts to the morphology of the foot and protects areas of friction. The set of 2 sidas shin protector will relieve you of any pain that may occur in the ski boots. Perfectly adapted to your morphology, they are equipped with a progressive gel and reduce the pains linked to the pressure of the boot. Finally, the shoe-buckles of ski SIDAS BUCKLE allow you to customize your equipment with the effigy of your country. Accurate and effective, they effectively maintain the shoe in any circumstance.