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For more than a century, the French brand JULBO protects our eyes from the dangers of the sun. Has the sea or the mountain, in altitude, mount sportswear or lifestyle, JULBO has expanded its range to all lovers of outdoor. Ski mask or sunglasses , hop on the slopes with an optimal view to gain in performance ! Learn more


Reference brand in the middle of the sliding sports, the oem has gone through more than a century of research, passion and innovation. An integral part of the history of mountaineering, the brand JULBO revolutionized the French eyewear industry. It is in 1888 that the adventure begins, in the heart of the Jura. Jules Baud designs of glasses at the request of the cristalliers that roam the mountain, and which very often dazzled in altitude by the crystals. Making sunglasses with side walls, the creator is made known to professionals and will launch out in the manufacture of glasses for leisure.

In 1950, Jules Baud designs the glasses Vermont, that allow always to go over the top with a good protection against the rays of the sun. The discipline of mountaineering is in full swing and these glasses are going to participate in the conquest of the highest peaks in the world. The creator and its technical advisor will themselves climb these peaks in order to test the quality of their sunglasses. Then come the 80's, JULBO launches in the original forms, colorful, even eccentric. In the 90s, the brand jura is extending its range in manufacturer of goggles for the little ones, with eyes much more fragile than adults. Become a reference brand in the extreme sports, the know-how of the brand is to demonstrate and JULBO launches in the sponsorship (Franck Cammas, François Bailly, Glen Plake...).

Trail, mountain BIKING, sailing, mountaineering, nothing can stop JULBO !


Airlines, wide screens, high-quality materials, the ski masks, JULBO reflect all the passion and the know-how of the brand specialized in equipment for outdoor.

The ski mask JULBO STARWIND and his mount minimalist will provide you with a true experience of gliding. Thanks to its screen photochromic, it automatically adapts to changing light to ensure you have an ideal vision for each output. Very comfortable, the ski mask ISON XCL will appeal to demanding skiers. Featuring a triple density foam, go for the lightness and performance to every run ! The ski mask AEROSPACE has the ventilation system of SuperFlow, which reduces the occurrence of fogging. His mount anatomical flexible provides you with a manitien optimal mask and a comfort. More girly, the ski mask PIONEER and its pretty screen pink address to faces purposes. Offering a broad vision, as well as a mount, very lightweight and flexible, opt for a comfort optical maximum !


Amateur or professional, never neglect the importance of protection against the rays of the sun. Sporty Look, or lifestyle, each frame JULBO has its character.

Ideal for your outdoor activities, check out the sunglasses JULBO MONTEBIANCO. Its form-wrap will ensure a 100% protection against UV rays without any risk of glare. For those who do not stop moving, these glasses will remain securely in place thanks to their branches curved.

Very vintage, the sunglasses JULBO MEGEVE WHITE will delight those who want to stay chic in all circumstances. With a design that is feminine and a processing sparkled, they combine the style sportswear in the lifestyle. Ideal for taking a drink at the bar altitude or for your afternoon chill !

Has the sea or the mountain, it is vital to protect the eyes of the children of the danger of the sun. Their pupils do not possess a “natural protection” and, therefore, permeable to the rays. JULBO has created child sunglasses. The LILY have been specially designed for children 4 to 6 years of age. Thanks to his treatment flash mirror effect, they will protect the brightness of strong sunny days. Their branches curved to leave the children free in their movements while staying in place. For toddlers, the sunglasses LOOPING will be ideal for walking around safely. 12 to 24 months, they maximize the protection with a category 4.

Whatever your favorite activity, be sure to protect yourself from the sun and the dangers of radiation to take full advantage of the sports outdoor !