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Specializing in the manufacturing of masks of ski, of ski helmets and sunglasses, the brand BOLLE strives for more than 120 years to make you live a real consumption experience through your sporting adventures. Strong of its expertise, the brand BOLLE is continuing its innovation and offers high-performing products and trends. Learn more


Founded in 1888 in Oyonnax by Seraphim Bollé, the company then manufactures combs and hair accessories. It is only at the end of the second world war that its creator discovers the celluloid, a moulded nylon discovered in 1856 as the first plastic material. A material that is revolutionary, which was used to Seraphim Bollé to produce the first sunglasses. And then the company decides to broaden its range with the creation of safety glasses in the 50s, celluloid and meet all the standards of safety of the time.

In the 60s, we witness the upheaval of the face of the economy of our mountains with the construction of ski resorts. The practice of the ski developed in the 30s is experiencing a major boom of the Thirty Glorious years. After the 2nd World War, the holidays become a mass phenomenon and the tourism of the "white gold" is launched. People have more time for leisure and the demand for sports equipment explodes. Bollé launches as early as 1956, its first glasses dedicated to winter sports and becomes the world's first manufacturer of glasses performing.

In collaboration with the French army, the Navy and the Aerospace industry, the brand Bollé continues to innovate and provide glasses protection techniques for different sectors.

Today, the products from the brand Bollé are on everyone's faces and turned toward the innovation, the brand strives to create products, techniques and trends.



Insulating against the cold, providing a field device, an innovative design and original colours, optimum comfort and a durable product, the ski mask Bollé meets today all the requirements and needs of consumers. World-renowned, the brand works the technical sophistication of its products but also the aesthetics to be in line with the current trends.

For the whole family, the ski masks, Bollé benefit from all the know-how of the brand by effectively protecting the eyes from the glare of the snow and offering a maximum of visibility to anticipate every terrain on the slopes.



Strong of its notoriety and expertise, the brand Bollé team today to the great athletes of alpine skiing and snowboarding, as Anne Fenninger or Alex Pullin. To give confidence to his athletes and lead them to victory, the helmets of ski Bollé and ABS shell to absorb significantly shock during impact and offer an extreme resistance. Complying with all the requirements of the discipline, the ski helmet Bollé has a very good visibility during sporting competition, and the brand continues to put at the service of the sports of its expertise and know-how of more than 120 years.

Today, the brand continues its innovation to sports such as cycling, tennis etc... and continues to combine the technical with the aesthetic to appeal to new users.