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Created at the beginning of the 20th century in the heart of the Finnish nature, LUHTA reflects the passion of the creator for the outdoor activities and the great outdoors. Go still higher, to confront the weather and enjoy the wonderful scenery in the winter. Parter to explore new horizons snowy with technicality and elegance thanks to the collection LUHTA ! Learn more


Founded in 1907 in the heart of the Finnish landscapes, the trademark LUHTA is given for the purpose of protecting from the cold in comfort and warmth. Its creator Vihtori Luhtanen created her first clothing workshop in early 2010, employing seamstresses. After battling the shortages of fabric after the war, the brand LUHTA starts to flow. It is from the 50's that the company will diversify its range and turn to the manufacture of clothing for sport and leisure. In fact, the creator wishes that his collection reflects the values of the nordic, while accompanying users in their discovery of the great outdoors. It is at the beginning of the 80's that the brand of finland will conquer the other continents.

This brand distinctive, and inspired by the wild nature will gradually differentiate themselves by the quality of its products. A neat design, cuts worked, printed elegant, the clothes Luhta protect us from the cold as well in the city and in altitude.


Lifestyle inspired scandinavian clothing brand LUHTA are designed to withstand the negative temperatures and bad weather.

Suited to sports activities as the urban lifestyle, the clothes LUHTA protect sub-zero temperatures, but with style ! For your outdoor activities in winter, the clothes LUHTA will allow you to brave the cold, wind, and humidity, with under-layers, pants, or jackets all more elegant than the others.

Passionate about winter sports ? Whether you are looking for a ski jacket LUHTA , or a ski pant LUHTA, explore new horizons with elegance and sophistication. Thought for the winter and the negative temperatures, the winter clothes LUHTA are waterproof and breathable. Tailored to your needs and to meet the expectations of demanding skiers, they will ensure you feature, versatile, warmth and comfort in any circumstance.