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Specialist, nordic combined, Willy Bogner has changed the world of skiing t of the mode in creating the first brand in the world of sportswear luxury. Combining the techniques, the materials high-end and comfort, BOGNER seduces every winter more and more skiers thanks to its collections on retro and elegant. Discover the products of the sports brand of luxury and celebrate your style on the slopes this winter with ski-jackets , warm and efficient. Learn more

Bogner : the passion of skiing and the luxury

Great athlete, and a specialist in nordic combined, the German Willy Bogner has created its own brand of sports wear in 1932. Silver medalist at the world championships in nordic skiing in 1934, and then bronze medalist in 1935, Willy Bogner is a passionate about skiing, and is recognized today as the inventor of the fashion of the ski. With Maria Bogner, they create a family business in the early 30's to revolutionize the world of alpine with clothing for competition and high-quality. Inspired by nature, the varieties of colors, beauty and luxury, Willy Bogner is the precursor of the mode made to the sport.

After having been the official equipment supplier of the national team olympic Germany in 1936, the brand BOGNER has enjoyed real success at the end of 40 years in manufacturing for the first time, stretch trousers, imagined and designed by Maria Bogner. The stretch fabric will revolutionize the world of skiing thanks to it is pleasant to wear, it sticks well to the skin and follows every movement of the athlete.

Passionate about photography and film, his son Willy Bogner Junior will showcase its garments for skiing in films and becomes a specialist of the action scenes, including the James Bond 1969 " On her Majesty's secret service ". With his wife Sonia, they took over the family business and perpetuate the know-how and expertise in the manufacture of sportswear luxury.

Combining sportiness and functionality, the garments are aesthetic and of a very high quality of the brand BOGNER seduce even today many athletes and personalities thanks to their attention to detail and their passion for the mountains.


Ski jackets Bogner : comfort and elegance on the slopes

Creative, innovative and very stylish, the ski jackets BOGNER are in the image of its creator : aesthetic, luxurious, and functional.

The ski jacket women BOGNER TEA-D is the perfect marriage of sport and design. By pairing perfectly the feminine silhouette, it brings functionality and refinement to all the girls. Waterproof and insulating, its vintage look and its narrow section plunges us into a universe of retro chic to face the winter with elegance and style.

The down jacket, the BOGNER FIRE+ICE RUBEN-D for man is endowed with a lining of down for incredible comfort and a resistance to any type of winter weather. It offers waterproofing and breathability in any situation by protecting you from cold and wind.

Be part of the team sport the BOGNER with the ski jacket KEANO-T. Celebrate your style on the ski runs, and view a look mastered with a waterproof jacket and insulating, perfectly cut, and who will follow your every move.


Love skiing and racing, Willy Bogner has revolutionized the world of ski racing, becoming the first brand in the world of sports wear luxe and the pioneer of sports fashion. This winter, equip yourself with clothing of very high quality in order to become chic and glamorous on the slopes !