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Since 1995, the brand, ICEBREAKER revolutionized the textile market by creating products inspired by nature. Thanks to propriéts and natural performance of wool merinos, the technical underwear, ICEBREAKER long term protection from the cold and provides natural warmth for all your outdoor activities in winter. Learn more


ICEBREAKER is born of the encounter between Jeremy Moon and a shepherd breeder of Merino sheep in New Zealand... both played together with the idea of making T-shirts made of Merino wool and designed for the practice of sports Outdoor. Since its inception, ICEBREAKER has remained faithful to its values and demonstrate a strong commitment towards nature. The brand does not aim to create a fiber-technical-art-based products of syntheses, but you can get eco-responsible and sustainable natural wealth.

The brand ICEBREAKER has become the world Leader of the garment at base of Merino wool and offers a product that is highly technical, with particular attention to the functionality, thermoregulation and lightness of its products. All the under-clothes of the brand are designed and optimized for the practice of sports Outdoor. Precision Ski has selected for you a wide choice of products, ICEBREAKER, in Merino : underwear in Merino, technical underwear, tights.


The t-shirt woman ICEBREAKER WOMENS TECH LITE is ideal for your outdoor activities. In the first layer, it regulates body temperature and keeps you cool and dry even when you move. Made of wool merinos, it naturally eliminated the bad odors and gives you unparalleled comfort thanks to its seams staggered. The sub-technical garment junior ICEBREAKER OASIS will protect effectively the young skiers. Thanks to its fibre warm and breathable, it ensures a thermal regulation of the body never get cold. In addition, its fabric is anti-odor, to maximize the comfort of the young adventurers. The underwear man ICEBREAKER 260 AREA is ideal for winter sports. This sub-layer has mesh inserts to improve mobility and the circulation of air. In addition, its shifted seams reduce risk of chafing and irritation for maximum comfort. This sub-technical garment, ICEBREAKER will be a true ally during winter days, harsh.