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A pioneering brand in the garment technical sport, X-BIONIC has revolutionized the practice of sports. Thanks to innovative technology, the technical underwear X-BIONIC capture the moisture and turns it into heat. As well, your muscles are oxygenated and continuously participate in the improvement of your performance. Learn more


Founded by engineer and visionary German Teacher. Bodo Lambertz, the brand X-BIONIC brings together the expertise of the best engineers, scientists, experts in textile and high-level athletes. Their goal is to push the limits of creativity in the development of technical underwear. X-BIONIC continues to innovate in the design and use of new technologies to provide you with high performance products and quality.

We have for you a wide selection of the best underwear X-BIONIC. The innovative design of the products X-Bionic allows underwear to be kept in place during sports practices in order to bring you maximum comfort. In addition, the materials used, effectively manage moisture to keep you dry throughout the day. Check out our many models of technical underwear X-BIONIC.


The sub-technical garment junior X-BIONIC ENERGY ACCUMULATOR will revolutionize your sporting efforts. Capturing the body heat, it keeps the heat and allows you to face the weather conditions harsh. Absorbing and wicking away excess moisture, it reduces the risk of cooling and decreases the vibration of the muscles to boost your performance. The sticky technical X-BIONIC EVO offers temperature control is managed by the channels of insulation to regulate body temperature. Improving athletic performance, promotes cooling and protects areas of exposure to the cold. The balaclava X-BIONIC SOMA is addressed to all the enthusiasts of physical activities in winter. Also handy for cross-country ski under a ski helmet, it protects you during periods of cold weather by maintaining a thermal balance. Finally, the t-shirt X-BIONIC SHIRT LONG SLEEVES protects the sensitive areas from the cold thanks to the thermoregulation and insulation-ISO-Pad.