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Since 1934, REUSCH protects you from the winter cold and shock through his gloves, ski techniques, and robust design. Worn by the greatest athletes in the world, the ski gloves REUSH are innovative and push the barriers on the tracks to allow you to reach the finish line first. Learn more


In 1934 Karl Reusch has designed his first pair of gloves and it is from here that is born the mark of the same name. Specialized in the manufacture of gloves for sports (Skiing and football) Reusch develops and manufactures gloves using innovative technologies. The goal of the brand is to bring you the comfort and warmth you need for winter sports, as well as a full performance on its specialized models on the slalom ski. The ski gloves Racing Reusch will earn you cents and brushing the slalom gates without injuring yourself !


The racing ski gloves REUSCH MASTER PRO has been designed for the competition. Protecting against shocks, they are equipped with multiple reinforcements on the fingers and joints. Their leather coating insulates from cold and keeps hands warm throughout the day. Ensuring a very good grip, these gloves racing provide you with good sensations in slalom and super-g. The junior ski mittens REUSCH BEN MITTEN enable children to discover the joys of gliding at a very young age. Easy to put on, they have an elastic strap to stay securely in place, and follow each of their movements. The gloves of cross-country skiing REUSCH IAN are warm and insulating. They have a suédée to wipe away sweat or fogging of the glasses. In addition, they facilitate the manipulation of material through their system, Pull & Penetrate. Finally, the ski gloves racing REUSCH ALEXIS PINTURAULT worn by the famous world champion will give you all the expertise necessary to beat the lap times. Conquer the catwalk with ski gloves rugged, warm, and insulating. Their Gore-Tex membrane repels moisture and captures body heat for unparalleled comfort.