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Since the 50s, the austrian brand EISBÄR protects your head from the winter cold and extreme conditions. The hats and headbands EISBÄR gives you protection, comfort and style in any circumstance. In town as on the slopes, check out the elegant models of the brand. Learn more


EISBÄR is an Austrian brand that was born in the 50s in a family business. Over generations, the brand has been extremely popular with skiers from all over the planet. Today the philosophy of EISBÄR is to design hats with the emphasis on the style and design to make their pieces of "must-have" for both the city as for the mountain ! In short, EISBÄR is a fusion between fashion and mountain sports.


Proudly wear the colors of FRANCE, with the bonnet ski EISBÄR STAR POMPON MÜ. Made of wool merinos, it will keep you warm throughout the winter even during harsh climatic conditions. Thanks to its lining, you'll never be cold on the slopes. For a look that's very original, succomb to the cap EISBÄR TRAPPER and his faux fur on the top. Warm and breathable, it wicks in continuous moisture and protects you from the cold. In addition, it is naturally anti-odor, and dries quickly for maximum comfort. Classic and timeless, the model cap woman EISBÄR JAY POMPON can be worn on the ski slopes than in the city. Its fleece lining will be a real nest and form a barrier against the cold. Easy to match with all your outfits, you'll never go back !


Appreciated for its lightness and practicality, the headband protects the ears and adapts to all morphologies. Easy to wear, it goes with all your outfits and you will bring a style of sportswear in any circumstance.

The headband EISBÄR JAMIE is manufactured in wool merinos. Very soft, it has a fleece lining that will maximize comfort and warmth, even in winter weather harsh. It dries quickly, it is also naturally anti-odor and wicks moisture to keep you dry and cool. The headband mixed EISBÄR JAMIE FLAG will protect you efficiently during your outdoor activities. Indeed, it follows each of your movements while offering you great freedom to move.