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With earphones or headphones, you can not go without music. To walk, to go to the office or during our running, the music is omnipresent and it is linked to our well-being. Discover a whole new listening experience with headphones and headsets audio brand SKULLCANDY . Learn more


It was in 2003 to winter sports as the creator Rick Alden, a passionate of extreme sports, had an epiphany on the ski slopes. When he received a call on his mobile phone, he was forced to unplug his headphones from his MP3 player to plug in his phone. It is this idea that brought Rick Alden has created the brand Skullcandy and offer on the market of the audio equipment, the Skullcandy Portable link for listening to music on a laptop and receive calls. Developing products that are attractive and innovative, the brand has made a place in an industry gasping for breath. Adopted by skaters and other winter sports, the products of the brand are highly successful Skullcandy sponsors little by little athletes. Today, the brand has in its ranks, Mick Fanning, Marck McMorris, or Travis Rice.


Communicating about the non-conformism, self-expression, the counterculture and joining the various artists, Skullcandy has found its place avant-garde. Bluetooth headset headphones bass amplified, Skullcandy offers a real listening experience to its users. Colorful, comfortable, innovative and attractive, the headphones Skullcandy will be your best allies in everyday life. Optimizing listening comfort with ear pads that are soft and which remain in place, the brand wants to support their customers in each of their movements in order to engage in bottom in everything they do.

The helmet Crusher Wireless is ideal in the bus or in the middle of a crowd. Wireless and insulation significantly the ambient noise, it offers a sound quality unparalleled to fully enjoy the joys of music. The helmet Grind on you even when your outdoor activities ! With a push of a button on the headset, make and receive calls and control your playlist with a single touch. Award-winning multiple times for their sound quality and their aesthetics, the headphones Skullcandy will revolutionize your music listening.


With or without wire, resistant and discreet, the headphones SKULLCANDY are as light as they are powerful. Compatible with smartphones, headphones adapt to the shape of your ear canal and you offer comfort and support for a true aural experience. With stabilization technology, the headphones XTPLYO offer you a perfect sound, even during your session of sport. Remain free of your movements and never lose your headphones ! Ideal for your sports sessions, the headphone METHOD WIRELESS have a system of maintaining DualLock™ for you to follow in each of your movements and resist perspiration. The headphones INKD 2.0 both flexible and resistant feature of the flat cable to avoid knots and deliver strong bass for optimal listening comfort.


An integral part of our lives, the music governed our days and has an incredible power over our well-being. The scientific consensus on the benefits of music ; the ability to reduce pain and stress, reducing the heart rate, the stimulation of brain cells, the increase of the physical performance and optimism. Fundamental to the human being, all cultures have developed music since the dawn of time and we learn the benefits thanks to research in neuroscience. Influencing our behaviours and our emotions, music is essential in our life. The brand Skullcandy has understood the importance of music to our daily life and offers innovative products and techniques to boost this experience.