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KASK is an innovative company, with a range of products based on technology that perfectly meets the needs of skiers. KASK is constantly in search of competitive advantages, using only the best and always trying to develop products even more. Learn more


Since 2004, the brand KASK has developed a reputation based on expertise in the world of helmets, as well as bike ski. If the brand is well known for having sponsored the team of Christopher Froome in the Tour de France, it has not to be ashamed of his success in mountain sports. Regardless of the discipline, the brand KASK has solutions for the followers of the practice and the professionals. Robust, efficient and ergonomic, they offer an incomparable comfort thanks to its visors built in. With high-quality materials, the headsets of the Italian brand are perfect for multiple practices : some men ski helmet, ski hiking, downhill skiing, mountaineering...


That you are rather good skier or an expert of the snow-covered slopes, to each his style. KASK is committed to creating products that transcend their technological excellence related to attractive design, as with the woman ski helmet where sits proudly Swarovski diamonds. In constant search for novelties, the brand keeps innovating to offer its large audience of ski helmet always the most amazing. Comfort, safety and design are the master-words of the brand who makes creations impress, will not make you go unnoticed this winter on the slopes !

Because safety is paramount, remember to equip you with a ski helmet, for the practice of skiing remains a pleasure.


The ski helmet woman KASK ELITE LADY combines femininity and comfort for all your winter sport activities. Thanks to its design and functio, this ski helmet KASK has an inner lining in wool merinos which wicks away humidity naturally. The ski helmet man KASK CLASS SPORT will delight all fans of speed and technology. His visor panoramic offers a wide field of vision to anticipate every terrain on the ski slopes. In addition, its integrated ventilation system keeps your head cool and dry throughout the day.