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For 90 years, the brand UVEX is constantly innovating to offer products of protection at the cutting edge of technology so that every user can take full advantage of its activity. Ski mask, ski helmet , goggles, chin strap, UVEX accompanies us on each output outdoor we offer the best protection Learn more



Founded in Germany in 1926, UVEX protects your eyes and your head for more than 90 years. The simple SMALL craft, UVEX is today a group comprising several brands innovative on the protection market. As early as 1936, Ohilipp Mr. Winter is developing the first ski goggles and sunglasses for protection. The creator, Philipp M. Winter was the first to imagine of glasses for workers / workers protecting metal fragments, projectiles. Equipped with a ventilation system and is completely hand-sewn, can be found on the nose of several athletes to the summer Olympic Games in Berlin. In 1964, the brand was renamed UVEX, acronyms, Ultra Violet EXluded. At the end of the 60's, the first ski masks make their appearance on the market due to the increase of leisure time and the proliferation of ski areas. The crazy creative and 70 allows the brand UVEX to create sunglasses more stylish and more elaborate. These years mark also the internationalisation and the diversification of the brand with the establishment of a factory in Canada and the USA. Thanks to its multiple factories, UVEX created the brand's first ski anti-fog and features a screen spherical, revolutionizing the practice of winter sports. The bike helmets make their appearance on the front of the stage at the end of the 80s, including lightness and resistance thanks to the construction of EPS.

Today the group GmbH has diversified and offers protection products for each activity : bombs for horse riding, UVEX ski helmet, ski mask Uvex hearing protection, safety glasses for work... UVEX is a brand that has survived the decades by developing products that fully meet the expectations of the users.



Whether you opt to ski piste, ski freeride, to each his desires, to each his own model of helmet UVEX.

The helmet ski RACE + has been designed for racing in order to maximize the protection while enjoying the speed. That meet the most technical of the discipline, its composition hardshell + EPS guarantees you absolute comfort with the absorption of considerable shock in the event of a fall. Add a chin strap, and it is up to you to reach the finish line !

The ski helmet WING offers unparalleled protection to go and tease the poles on the slalom. With a ventilation system and an inner lining anti-allergenic, it will be your best ally to gain performance and to be on the podium.

For small champions, UVEX has launched a range of helmets for children with the UVEX JUNIOR. Its thermal protection regulated guarantees an excellent comfort thanks to the ventilation system. Its thermoplastic shell injected him offer protection and lightness to fully enjoy the joys of gliding.



Ideal to complete your look and offer a vision spherical quality, the UVEX ski masks combine protection and aesthetics for that you don't miss anything on the slopes. The ski mask woman DOWNHILL 2000 has been designed for skiers who are looking for a mask with anti-fog to provide a perfect view without the distortion effect. The ski mask G. GL7 PRO will be ideal for all skiers who want both a mount to be sleek and a spherical lens top of the range.