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Innovative, durable and resistant, helmets and masks CASCO reflect all the know-how of the privately owned German company since 1989. Specializing in protection sport, CASCO combine comfort, technology and safety for your outdoor activities. To ski safely, check out the helmets of ski CASCO and gain serenity. Learn more

CASCO : the passion and innovation for the best protection

Founded in 1989 in Germany, CASCO is a family-run business specializing in the design of protective helmets : bombs for riding, helmets for skiing, bike helmets and firefighter helmets, but also ski masks. The philosophy of the brand CASCO is to focus on the high-quality materials to make helmets top of the line " to protect its users in any circumstance.

Recognized worldwide for the design and the comfort of its headsets, CASCO offers headsets, innovative and meet all the safety standards for each of your outdoor activities. For riding as for the cross-country or all-mountain, the safety of practitioners is of first.

Focused on passion and innovation, the helmets CASCO are both secure, comfortable and flexible to optimize the protection. Designed and manufactured in Europe, the products CASCO are the fruit of expertise and know-how european.


Helmets ski Helmet : the combination of protection and style

Focusing on the importance of the design of the ski helmet, CASCO has designed an entire collection of helmets that are both aesthetic and functional. Combining performance and protection, the helmets of ski CASCO you will value on the track while guaranteeing maximum protection in the event of a fall.

The ski helmet woman CASCO SP3 has been designed for skiers looking for a high-end headphones with a unique design and refined. Decorated with Swarovski diamonds, it is incredibly light and comfortable to accurately follow each of your movements. With a ventilation system and ear flaps are removable, it is perfect for any type of weather.

The man ski helmet CASCO CX-3 ICECUBE has been created by taking into account the expectations and needs of the users. Lightweight and with a shell In-Mold, it will withstand substantial shock being permanently connected with the EPS foam inside. Reinforced on the areas, say critics, it is both robust and comfortable.

CASCO has also thought of the little champions, and created the headphone MINI PRO. Designed specifically for young skiers, it protects your child in a way optimal, while leaving it free in its movements thanks to its lightness. Adaptable for skiing but also for biking, it has a dual registration for your child to use throughout the year.

Also check out the CASCO mask ski designed to adapt to all helmets of the range CASCO thanks to their magnetic closure. Concentrated technology, they combine design and peripheral vision for maximum pleasure and to anticipate every terrain.

Whatever your level of skiing, remember to protect yourself with a ski helmet. Safety on the slopes is paramount to fully enjoy the joys of gliding. Designed to withstand impact and protect you to the maximum, helmets ski CASCO meet each of your expectations while providing you with comfort and design.