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SMITH was founded in 1965 in Sun Valley in the United States. The brand became famous thanks to the creation of the very first ski mask, which helped revolutionize powder skiing. Today SMITH OPTICS has become synonymous with innovative, sustainable and high quality products. Learn more


An American brand founded in 1965, SMITH is above all the story of an innovation. Dr. Bob Smith, then an orthodontist, decided to create glasses with sealed thermal glass and breathable foam to enjoy the snowy days. These very first ski goggles will launch the brand's reputation thanks to its numerous inventions and expertise in the world of sliding sports. The SMITH brand wants to give customers unique sensations of sliding, strong experiences during their outdoor activities thanks to high-performance technological products. 


The SQUAD SMITH ski goggle provides a cylindrical screen for an optimized visual field. Equipped with Fog-X technology, it prevents the appearance of fog to effectively anticipate the reliefs on the ski slope. In addition, its two layers of Driwix foam provide scent edifice throughout the day. As for the SKYLINE SMITH ski goggles and its spherical screen, you get a whole new view on the track. Thanks to its Outrigger articulated positioning system, it stays in place to provide you with effective protection from the sun. Finally, the RIOT SMITH women's ski mask offers a refined mount and unfailing resistance. Designed to accompany you on any terrain, it will protect you from glare without compromising on your style.


The SMITH ski helmet COMBINEs lightweight materials with clean lines. Equipped with the AirEvac 2 ventilation system, it continuously removes excess moisture and circulates the air to keep you dry throughout the day. The SCOUT SMITH men's ski helmet offers a perfect fit and a good hold in place to maximize your freedom of movement. Ultra-robust and durable, it has rigid edges and a Bombshell construction for highly effective shock protection. Compatible with wearing a cap, it regulates body temperature thanks to its eight ventilation points. Finally, the ALLURE SMITH women's ski helmet is compatible with the Skullcandy audio system. Thanks to its automatic adjustment system, it made perfect to your morphology while ensuring continuous ventilation. In addition, it is adorned with pretty faux fur earbuds that will be real bulwarks against the cold and wind. 

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