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Since 1948, the German brand LEKI develops equipment for skiing and racing . Thanks to his passion and innovation, LEKI offers technical products of high quality such as ski poles, ski gloves, or shields racing. Thanks to its revolutionary systems, LEKI revolutionizes your outputs ski. Learn more


The brand of sports accessories LEKI was founded in 1948 in Germany by Karl Lenhart, who has developed himself the handles, and washers for its ski poles. Thanks to its skills in Aerospace, he was able to assemble the different parts that constitute a ski poles Leki with aluminum and this is how the brand was able to expand into the ski market.

Today the German brand has become a reference mark on the ski market and offers many accessories for skiing. It develops such as ski poles feature innovative technologies which provide a better comfort thanks to a handle and straps that are optimized for the practice of the ski.

Get discounts on some products : ski Leki, all the ski equipment LEKI, ski Poles , Protections, Slalom, ski gloves...The products of the brand are designed and optimized for the practice of slalom ski, you'll find all of the unique technologies on the latest ranges. Leki also offers gloves ski Racing equipped with special protection, which protect against the shocks of the slalom gates.


The racing protection LEKI FORE ARM will be a real bulwark against the impacts of pegs. Protecting the forearms, they are plastic, thermoformed to make rigid, reducing the force of impacts and shocks. Ultra rugged, they have been worn by the greatest skiers in the world. The racing gloves LEKI RACE COACH are goat leather to maximize comfort and durability. With multiple reinforcements on the knuckles, push down the stakes and gain speed. Waterproof, warm and breathable, they are resistant to winter conditions are the harshest. The ski poles LEKI WORLD CUP are both robust and efficient. Nearly indestructible, they provide support with perfect precision on all terrain thanks to their cutting edge made of tungsten carbide. Finally, the shin pads LEKI SHIN GUARD is intended for amateurs as well as professionals. Essential to get started with a slalom, their thermoplastic shell pushes the stakes and permt the rider sped toward the finish line.