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In summer as in winter, the mountain offers us much more than beautiful landscapes. It provides us with emotions, a real experience to live through the snow courses and the meadows and sunny. To scan these landscapes, it is better to be well-equipped ! The brand  KOMPERDELL created hiking poles , 4 seasons to enjoy throughout the year of what the mountain has to offer. Learn more


Founded in 1922 in Vienna, the brand trekking poles draws its know-how in the manufacture of wooden sticks of nutty for skiing but also for hiking and snow shoe walking. It is to this period that is organised the first slalom in Switzerland. Gradually, the company grew and became a reference in the sale of sticks. After the second world war, the era of leisure has emerged with the intention of rationalize the use of time and domestic production. Leisure sports are preferred for their accuracy and their prediction. This economic period increases the income of consumers who spend time and money in leisure sports and especially in skiing. Thanks to the profits, trekking poles created the first ski pole in metal in 1948. In 1970, more than 150,000 pairs of sticks are produced per year and the brand innovates with the manufacture of walking sticks, lightweight aluminum. The 1976 Olympic Games will have positive consequences on a company, since it was sponsoring him at the time of the skiers downhill, which emerged winners. The 90s marked the history of the ski pole trekking poles with colours is innovative and attractive and the placing on the market of sticks of carbon.

Today, it is a company that is passionate about mountain sports, has a strong expertise team of great athletes such as Marcel Hirscher, Henrik Kritoffersen or Eva Walkner in freeride.

Dominating the market of ski pole, trekking poles never ceases to innovate and invest in research and development to accompany all mountain lovers, regardless of their discipline, and to offer them the products best suited to their needs. : nordic walking, freeride, alpine skiing, trekking and hiking.



In the high mountains, in the plains or on steep terrain, walking sticks are essential to reduce the load on the joints, to strengthen the stability and balance of the hiker, overcome more easily the obstacles and reduce muscle fatigue. Participating in the rhythm of the breath, the hiking poles work the upper body and decreases the load on the legs.

The hiking poles KOMPERDELL are highly durable, and will help you to reach the peaks with the least effort. Telescopic, carbon or aluminium, the poles trekking poles that will accompany you on every trail uphill as downhill.

The sticks C3 CARBON POWER LOCK is ideal for hiking in the summer. Lightweight, they fold for storage-optimal in the bag and do not clutter. Resistant and telescopic, bring in all your escapades.

The sticks CARBON TRAILSTICK VARIO COMPACT have been designed to optimise your rides, thanks to their lightness and their comfort of walking. Face all the obstacles without the risk of slipping and exceed your limits on all terrains !

For your next adventures in the mountains, check out the hiking poles, trekking poles, lighter and stronger, they will be your best allies to reach the top !