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Since its creation, the austrian company FISCHER - winner of the prize for innovation ISPO 2017 alpine and nordic world-renowned for its innovation and its technologies in the avant-garde. She designs equipment for alpine skiing and nordic skiing for many years and has become one of the leaders of the world market of nordic skiing. Learn more


The Austrian brand was founded in 1924 by josef Fischer. A pioneer in the manufacture of Alpine Skiing and Nordic Skiing, the Austrian company is known for its innovative spirit and cutting-edge technologies. Developing it has seen on the catwalks of many Champions of skiing. Today Fischer is one of the largest manufacturers of skiing market and offers a complete range adapted to each practice. The Ski Racing ultra efficient Freeride ski equipped with the latest technologies Rocker, you will find the ski for you in FISCHER. The brand is also the market leader in nordic skiing and designs of cross-country skis high-performance and technique as well as . Large numbers of athletes use them, and won many medals. You can complete your equipment nordic with a pair of cross-country poles, but also ski boots background, tailored to your discipline, the skating or the classic. You can also push your professionalism to the end and equip you with the range of luggage FISCHER with a range of travel bag quality adapted to the air transport. The austrian brand manufactures covers for ski quality to protect your skis during transport, but also covers that of shoes to facilitate transport thereof. For some time, and with the rise of ski touring, mark FISCHER has developed touring skis light and high performing, allowing you to make you happy both on the ascent and the descent. The skis from FISCHER are also designed for comfort during practice and performance during outings in the Backcountry.


Products FISCHER are available on : Pack women's skis , and children, as well as shoes and sticks of races for children, all-mountain ski for women, ski boots racing for man... Opt for a pair of ski boots FISCHER VACUUM which is the technology flagship of the brand. With this customization system of the ski boot is unique in the world, you'll never have sore feet ski. With an unparalleled precision technology, VACUUM FIT, FISCHER has created a new concept that we call the VACUUM PLAST. That allows an adjustment anatomically total of the whole of the shoe unique and never achieved, in only 20 minutes. The adjustment will be made according to the anatomy of your foot for a perfect fit at a temperature of 80 degrees. This will ensure you have a ski boot comfortable, perfectly moulded to the shape of your foot and a footwear custom to make you happy throughout the winter.

Check out our wide selection of products FISCHER that goes from the strap of the ski to the water bottle trail , passing by packs of ski child on the cover ski-FISCHER to equip you with the best price on our website Pré