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Founded in 1924 by the austrian Anton Kästle, the brand of top-quality skis KÄSTLE has managed over the years to develop into winning several world cup titles and olympic titles at the Calgary games. After the death of its founder, the brand was reborn in 2004 with a collection of return of four models of skis. The skis KÄSTLE stand out for their modern design and timeless and great quality. Learn more


Skis for men and women KÄSTLE all have an innovative design and modern that make their strength of character. The brand renews its range of skiing every two years, and according to the different disciplines of alpine skiing. After the hike, a formerly all-mountain ski , and so on. KÄSTLE is known throughout the world for its ranges of skis mythical and powerful such as the range (MX ski-all-mountain) but also its line of freeride skis BMX, skis versatile such as the FX and its ski slopes as the lines LX and RX. The great revival of the brand lies in its range of touring skis revisited with its famous line of touring skis TX available in several models with sizes of pads different. They have been completely redesigned with a new design and a new shape lighter wood KARUBA coupled to a carbon construction and fiber triaxiales. With a good rocker the touring skis KÄSTLE will bring you an excellent stability and buoyancy in deep snow. The brand has also designed touring bindings his name type Low-Tech, to ensure you have a hiking equipment quality.

In the continuity of its development and its desire for modernity, KÄSTLE launched in 2015 a range of ski high-end CMP 82 very sober that will allow you to ski high-quality with the more high-class.

Check out our selection of products KÄSTLE on our site Precision Ski to equip you with the ski equipment and modern quality. To guide you in your purchase, you will find on our online site, our guide for the purchase of your pair of skis.


The skis KÄSTLE MX99 are freeride skis designed for fans of fresh snow. Offering performance and manoeuvrability at every turn, they will make you live a unique experience of gliding. With the technology Holowtech, they absorb vibration for unmatched comfort. As for the skis mixed KÄSTLE MX74, they ensure you an excellent reactivity and a good curve. These skis intuitive you will rapidly gain in performance and speed to advance each output ski. Finally, the pack ski KÄSTLE LX73 is both lightweight and maneuverable. These skis track offer a hanging note on hard snow as well as entry curve easier and intuitive. Very functional, their rocker at the tip will be a real asset for you, ensure stability and torsional stiffness.