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For nearly 90 years, the brand VOLKL created much more than just ski equipment , and snowboard, but real experiences of gliding. Innovative, perfectionist and passionate, this brand conveys through its products, its expertise and its know-how of the sport of gliding. Learn more

VOLKL : Made in Germany

Designed, developed and manufactured in Germany, VOLKL skis are a guarantee of quality, created with advanced technologies and transfer of know-how from generation to generation. The German brand gives a lot of importance to the research and development for every turn on the snow will be a new feel. Combining quality materials and high-tech, the ski equipment VOLKL makes each session ride unique with skis for each discipline.

If you are looking to the freeride and backcountry, skis Volkl ONE FLAT will take you to create your own trace in the fresh snow. With its double rocker and camber, float on the snow and send tricks in the middle of the forest with a ski very playful.

Fan of huge, opt for the VOLKL skis LEDGE FLAT. With a traditional camber, jump into the half pipe with skis on the double rocker and handy to send your most beautiful figures.

To find harmony with nature and reach the peaks with a ski technique to handle all snow conditions, check out the skis with V-WERKS. Light and maneuverable, they allow you to carve out of beautiful curves and off-track and optimize your mounted with a ski passe-partout, very accurate.

Volkl has not forgotten the small champions of the track and thought to the young skiers looking for a ski that is powerful and technical. The skis RACETIGER will accompany them up to the finish line while making progress on the track.

Flexible, lightweight and efficient, VOLKL innovative on the market ski with a rocker for each displine of the ski. Full rocker for the freeski Tip Rocker shape for an all-mountain ski, and finally the Tip and Tail Rocker for the park and pipe.



Passionate and playing on the various fields that nature offers us, the VÖLKL brand is conscious of its responsibility towards the ecology and the various challenges to the respect of the environment. Striving to multiply the actions for the protection of nature, the German brand has won three times the prize of "Eco Responsibility Award" at the ISPO (international trade fair for outdoor activities).

In order to protect the white gold and continue to offer new sensations to its practitioners, the VÖLKL brand has not stopped the manufacture of skis the most environmentally friendly, but has upset all of the behaviors within the company. The choice of raw materials to the distribution through the use of recycled products, the German company improves continually reduce its ecological footprint.



Counting among its ranks of freestylers such as Kevin Rolland and Coline Ballet-Baz, pylon racers such as Cornelia Hütter, or of free riders such as Dylan Hood, the team VOLKL reached the peaks with skis performance for each discipline and each snow. Thanks to his expertise and his skis high-quality, team Volkl continues to expand to take his champions to the victory !

If you are looking for a pair of VOLKL men skis or a pair of ski for women, check out the full range VÖLKL at the best prices on our website. Aside from you also a VOLKL ski bag , in order to protect your ski equipment during transport.